26 Back-To-School Beauty Products Every College Student Needs

For many of you, college has probably already started. You’ve probably already moved into your dorm room, and you might even be attending classes at this very moment. But I would bet that you haven’t bought absolutely everything you need for the school year, and that’s because you haven’t read this post yet!

When it comes to beauty, the amount of products you could buy for college is endless. In fact, it’s so endless that it can be end up being totally intimidating. You’ll probably end up using the same makeup you’ve been using all summer (big no-no), resorting to your high school makeup (that’s fine, but making a change is always fun too!), or just grabbing random products off the shelves without really paying attention (usually ends up being a waste of money). Instead of doing all of that, check out this list of 26 beauty products every college student needs. These will make you even more gorgeous than usual, and they’ll help ensure a hassle-free beauty routine. And, hey, high school students – these work for you too!

Which of these products do you think looks the best? Have you tried any of these already? What did I forget to include? Tell me in the comments.

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21 back to school essentials every college student needs for her dorm room

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  • Kay

    i think this is really cool but i think everyone should know that the #16 item, the avon one, is bad because avon tests on animals