10 Of The Weirdest Yahoo Answers Questions About Condoms

Condoms are one of those things that we know are incredibly serious and important but still end up making us giggle or feel awkward. They’re a little funny, right? Come on, you can turn them into the most dope water balloons…and they’re basically a protective penis shield in latex form. But as giggle inducing as a bacon flavored condom might be, at the end of the day those little guys mean serious business and definitely do their part in the fight against STDs and unplanned pregnancy. So woop, team condom.

Unfortunately, there are some poor souls out there who really…don’t understand how condoms work. I’m not talking basic confusion–I’m talking about enough misinformation about condoms to make even the most ignorant person head tilt and go, “wait, what?” You can find this level of WTF worthy hilarity on Yahoo! Answers, so check out 10 of the site’s most ridiculous condom questions. Trust, you’ll never feel clueless ever again after reading some of these.

1) So there’s someone on the internet who doesn’t think that Asian women can become pregnant by someone who is non-Asian.

weird condom questions 1

Laughing and crying and mostly crying. Also, everyone’s DNA is different unless you’re an identical twin; race has nothing to do with this.


2) Vampire condoms though…

weird condom questions 9


Safe biting.


3) Don’t do this.

weird condom questions 7


Hoping that this is a joke. Really hoping.



4) Condoms 101

weird condom questions 11

Okay, but in all seriousness, one of the most important things you learn about condoms is that you should never double up! That causes friction which causes breakage! Stop!


5) This is why we need better sex ed in our schools.

weird condom questions 4

I guess the colors are cooler.


6) Water balloons.

weird condom questions 6

Please, just make water balloons.


7) NO.

weird condom questions 5

No no no no no no no no no no.


8) NO (the sequel).

weird condom questions 2

When 10 no’s in a row just around enough.


9) Okay but honestly this doesn’t add up.

weird condom questions 10

Can somebody explain this one for the class?


10) Sup, vaginal lint?

weird condom questions 3

And the best answer award goes to…


Okay, what was your weirdest misconception about condoms? Have you ever heard of someone using plastic wrap as a makeshift condom? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Brianna8675309

    Um… The zombie one… Yeah… Um.. Reeallly… I um… Well,… Wow.

  • Gabby

    Lmfaoooo! So this guy basically thinks Asian women are a different species. *crying*

  • The traveler

    9: What the blue hell did I just read?