Can You Use Coffee Filters As Oil Blotting Sheets?

My battle with oily skin has also been a battle with finding the right products to combat the greasiness. From mattifiers to powders and primers, you better believe I’ve tried every combination of things to make sure my face stays nice and matte. But no matter what, I usually get oily by noon. It’s not fun, but it’s the way my skin is and always has been.

I like oil blotting sheets, but a lot of them are expensive or infused with extracts and scents, which can sometimes irritate my skin. I was looking in my kitchen the other day and spotted some extra coffee filters. I thought they might be a good alternative to oil blotting sheets. Oh and they’re also way cheaper. So do they work? Find out:

Have you ever tried this trick? How did it work for you? What do you want me to test next? Tell us in the comments!
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