The 12 Worst Things About Social Media During A Breakup

While it’s always possible to have a silver lining in even the worst situations, it’s kind of hard to see that when you’re going through a breakup. Ending a relationship is really tough. And unfortunately, just like there are things that make moving on easier, there are also plenty of things that make it hard. Social media is a prime example.

A recent study has confirmed that social media makes it more difficult to move on from a breakup. I don’t think this is anything new – anyone who has a Facebook or Twitter account will tell you that being online can make things harder. But it’s definitely something to think about. Back in the day, if you wanted to get over your ex, you could easily cut off all contact. Now, with sites like Facebook and Instagram making it possible to see every update about someone’s life, even if you’re not friends with them, it’s not nearly as simple.

The best thing you can do in this situation is to delete, or at least block, your ex on all social media platforms. If you don’t, you’ll definitely experience this stuff, and it will probably make you pretty miserable. Here are the 12 worst things about social media during a breakup.


1. Subliminal tweets or Facebook statuses that are obviously about you… or that you’ve made about your ex.

computer gif

And everyone knows exactly what you’re both talking about… awkward.


2. Seeing the update of his brand new relationship status.


Even worse? Noticing all the people who liked his newly single status.


3. Noticing when new girls write on his wall or comment on his status or like his pictures.

those bitches gif



4. Seeing him tagged in pictures with people you don’t know.

surprised gif

Seeing him move on is not fun, at all.


5. When people see your new relationship status and randoms butt into your business. 

shoo shoo gif

Unfortunately, this comes with the territory with social media. Still annoying though.


6. Trying to decide if you should unfriend him or not.

stressed gif

It’s such a final decision, you know?


7. Getting constant updates on their life, especially if you decide to keep them as a friend.

cringing gif

It’s like you want to know exactly what he’s doing, but at the same time you don’t want to know anything.


8. Or knowing absolutely nothing and experiencing that feeling of being totally cut off if you unfriend them. 

whatever gif

How will you know when he has a new girlfriend???


9. Being reminded of all of your sweet relationship moments through pictures and old wall posts.

angry guf



10. Feeling like you have to make your life seem amazing in order to make him jealous. 

what the hell gif

Then stressing out over whether or not he saw your updates.


11. That constant urge to stalk him or any girl he’s talking to on social media. 

i need help gif



12. That moment when HE unfriends YOU. 

shocked gif

Wait, seriously?!?!


Which of these moments do you think is the worst to go through during a breakup? What did I forget to include? Tell me in the comments!

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