27 Of Our Best Posts About Being Single For Advice Every Girl Needs To Hear

We get a lot of questions from you guys every day, and of the most popular topics seems to be about being single. Whether you’re asking if it’s weird that you haven’t had a boyfriend yet (it’s not) or how to feel less lonely while you’re unattached or how to get your friends off your back about your singleness, we try to answer every question you have.

While there’s nothing wrong with being a single lady, I do understand that sometimes it can be hard to deal with. I was single for almost four years before I met my current boyfriend, and I had to deal with a lot of rude people saying insensitive things, occasional feelings of loneliness, and a ton of horrible first dates. So, I understand the struggle. Whatever you want to know, though, we’ve got advice. Here are 27 of our best posts about being single.


How To Deal With Being Unattached

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10 Things Every Single Girl Needs To Stop Doing

12 Things Every Single Girl Should Do

10 Really Bad Pieces of Dating Advice Every Single Girl Should Ignore

How To Be Single When Your Friends Aren’t

9 Tips On How To Be Single

7 Things You Don’t Have To Do Just Because You’re Single

The 10 Best Things About Being Single

10 Things You Need To Do When You’re Single

How To Deal If Everyone Makes Fun Of You For Not Having A Boyfriend

15 Dating Truths Every Single Girl Needs To Know

How To Deal When You feel Bad About Being Single


Personal Stories About Being Single


I’m 23 and I’ve Never Been In A Real Relationship… And I’m Fine!

Comic: Why Being Alone Can Be Great

I’m Insecure About Being Single

10 Things I Miss About Being In A Relationship

Why I Love Being Single

I’m 22 and I’ve Never Been Kissed… But It’s Not A Big Deal


Something To Make You LOL

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10 Things You Should Never Say To Single People

7 Totally Annoying Things People In Relationships Say To Single People

8 Creepy, Weird Products For Single People

10 Things That Suck About Being Single

The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Being Single


Why Are You Single?

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#SingleBecause: 15 Tweets That Might Explain Why You’re Single

20 Funny Tweets About Being Single

Quiz: Why Are You Still Single?

Ask A Guy: Are Guys Intimidated By Me? Is That Why I’m Still Single?


Which of these posts is your favorite? What do you like or dislike about being single? What question do you have? Tell me in the comments!

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