12 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’ve Done Absolutely Nothing All Summer

Some people spend their summers traveling the world, complaining about their summer job working retail or helping out at a summer camp. Some people send their summers going on road trips, visiting family members across the country or participating in a cool summer art program. Some people spend their summers doing things.

And others …spend their summers doing absolutely nothing for three months straight. I was that girl for most of my summer vacations and I know some of you are that girl right now. My parents worked a lot so we didn’t really have time to go on many extended vacations. Sad but true. To be fair, one year I did spend six weeks at a summer art program in San Francisco and as a little kid I went to day camp every day. But for the most part? Pfft, I was sitting around the house writing about my feelings about Harry Potter on the internet. Cool, right?  But I found ways to entertain myself so that my summers weren’t a complete bust.

Still, as much as I love refreshing a browser page, there are plus sides and down sides of doing nothing all summer long. if you’ve been nodding your head through this entire post then you’ll definitely relate to these 10 things.


1) You’ve memorized the entire daytime television schedule.

daria jane sick sad world

And you swear that you’ve seen every episode of Maury ever at this point.

2) You don’t end up brushing your teeth until some time past noon.

better off dead brushing teeth

That is, if you’re awake by then.

3) Your room has become a lair of clothes all over the floor and cereal bowls that you haven’t bothered to return to the kitchen yet…and you’re lovin’ it.

bye bye birdie happy room

Wait, how many days has that fork been chillin’ here?

4) You’ve lost track of how many hours you’ve spent chillin’ with your laptop in your lap and your phone at your side.


Match made in heaven or hell?

5) You get a little jealous of your friend’s photos of their exciting getaways.

super side eye

“Hey, I would look rad in front of Big Ben, too, you know…”

6) Even your friends not so exciting get aways end up looking exciting.


“Hey, I would look that rad in front of your grandma’s house, too, you know…”

7) You’re even a little envious of that friend who has that job she hates.

susie rugrats blink unimpressed

Of course, you could get a job too but that would require having to miss out on al those Jerry Spring reruns. Is it really worth it?

8) Oh, speaking of jobs, of course your parents have to comment about the fact that you’re not doing anything all summer.

lisa kudrow as phoebe buffay on friends brand new information

Wow, I had no idea.

9) You’ll start to wonder how many days you can go without wearing real clothes before it starts feeling weird.

futurama fry messy

Answer: Several days.

10) Sometimes you’re pretty sure that you’ll soon become permanently fused in a laid back position.

king of the hill potato chips

You can do anything on you back now. Anything.

11) Part of you is actually looking forward for school to start just so you’ll see all your friends again and have something else to do.

snl kristen wiig school

Okay, for some of you a big part of you is looking forward to school starting. I know I was that girl…couldn’t wait to get new school supplies. #Cool.

12) And then as soon as school starts you have to deal with everyone asking you what you did this summer and you’re just like…

rae shrug

Whatever, at least now you know the ins and outs of daytime TV paternity tests! Can your friends say the same? I don’t think so.


Did you also spend your vacation doing absolutely nothing, too? Very little? Tell us about it in the comments!

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