10 Of The Most Effed Up Episodes Of Doug

I loved Doug as a kid. It was a heartwarming show about a nerdy kid with an overactive imagination. As someone who was a slightly nerdy kid with an overactive imagination, this show obviously spoke to me and our generation as a whole. Like, who didn’t want to chill with Quailman? Who didn’t have a crush on Patti Mayonnaise? Who didn’t think Skeeter was the coolest BFF ever? Who didn’t want to tell Roger to STFU?

But there were some episodes that were so WTF worthy that it seriously made us question Doug’s common sense and the common sense of those around him. And some episodes were just plaid weird. If there are some episodes that are coming to mind for you, see if they’re included in this roundup of 10 of the most effed up episodes of Doug.

Doug Tips The Scale

Long story short: Doug gains a few pounds after indulging at grandma's house and is super self-conscious about his lil gut. Ok, I'm going to be fair: This episode is 90 percent awesome about discussing how many people are self conscious about their bodies no matter what they look like. But when the show's token "fat" characters tell him that he should hide his additional girth in vertical stripes and dark colors, it's hard not to have a nasty taste in your mouth.

Doug Throws a Party

Can we just talk about the episode when Doug throws his first party and all the kids go down to the basement for a very tame game of Truth Or Dare? And then Patti is dared to kiss Porkchop? And Porkchop is a little too ready for action? Nope. Nope. Nope.

Doug In Vogue

This episode was a hilarious social commentary on fashion and trends, how one thing is in one day and out the next and that the original trendsetters never really get the credit they deserve. That's definitely the case with our friend Doug, who suddenly saw his entire outfit worn by a character on some teen soap opera that looks like Beverly Hills 90210. Everyone starts wearing it and forgets that that was Doug's original look. No, seriously, everybody is wearing this khaki shorts sweater vest combo like it is the hottest thing around. Creepy, really.

Doug's Dinner Date

In this classic episode, Doug fears that there will be liver and onions served at Patti's birthday dinner. We later find out that Doug just couldn't take a joke and that there definitely weren't going to be liver and onions served at this 6th grade birthday party, but no matter, Doug already takes an entire episode to conquer his fear of the dish. But when he finally gets to the party, he finds out that they're really just eating hot dogs instead. And the he imagines everyone as a hot dog. This kid's imagination is just too much sometimes.

Doug Needs Money

There's very little to say here except "YOU BROKE MY GRILL?"

Doug's Sister Act

Judy is embarrassed by her squaresville family so to impress her boyf when he comes over for dinner, she forces her family to act out different roles. One of Doug's personas is an undercover detective...who tries to save the fam from a "bomb" hidden in the lasagna. So...he dives into the lasagna and it flies everywhere. Most of us can relate to being embarrassed of our family, but this was so over the top. Plus, what a waste of lasagna!

Doug Meets Fentruck

It's always weird when shows make up cultures for plot points. That's exactly what happens in this episode, when a foreign exchange student is visiting Doug's school. This kid, Fentruck, wants Doug to help him write a letter to someone that he only describes as the "blonde girl who sits in front of me." Patti sits in from of Fentruck, so Doug immediately freaks out because he thinks Fentruck is trying to make the moves on his long time crush. After a whole host of misunderstandings and Doug flat out telling this dude that he can't write the letter for him, Fentruck explains that "the girl who sits in front of me" is a saying from his home country that refers to one's older sister. Uh, okay, but here's what I want to know: Why did he need help writing a letter in English to his sister back home who might not even speak English and would probably feel more comfortable reading a letter in her native tongue? This episode really made a stretch to kickstart some drama, I guess.

Doug's Bloody Buddy

So Connie starts a rumor about Skeeter being a vampire...which everyone just happens to believe because mob mentality is no joke, y'all. It got so bad that nobody showed up for Skeeter's Halloween party...including Doug, his supposed best friend. Um, if my bestie didn't show up to my party because of some silly rumor like that...can you imagine? Naw...

Doug's Christmas Story

Okay, is everyone in this episode an idiot except for Porkchop? Porkchop saves everyone's favorite rich brat Bebe Bluff from potentially freezing to death or drowning on thin ice. This girl literally ignores a giant sign that says thin ice...which is ridiculous in of itself. So Porkchop tries to save her the best he could as a creature who has no thumbs so he uses his teeth to drag her away from danger. Bebe swears that Porkchop viciously attacked her. Doug chides Porkchop but that's not enough because Bebe and her family want Porkchop sent to the pound. Great way to spend Christmas, right? Anyway, by episode's end, Porkchop gets a chance to redeem himself when Bebe is asked to reenact what happened that fateful day. This time she actually does fall through the thin ice and Porkchop saves her...like he tried to do the first time around. Everybody is happy and forgets that they almost put this dog to sleep. Ugh.

Doug's Worst Nightmare

So Roger has a crush on Judy for a few days and Doug spends way too much time imagining what horrors would come along with these two being in love. Apparently, this includes them adopting the same wardrobe. But one of the weirdest things about all of this is that Judy, ever so pretentious, is impressed by Roger's love letter which is literally just a rip off of some lines from The Merchant Of Venice...and this has Judy swooning? She even ponders whether or not Doug's BFF, Skeeter--who Judy only knows as "the blue one"--sent her the letter. Girl, why are you getting all hot and bothered over the idea of a 12-year-old kid potentially crushing on you. Aren't you, like, 16? Judy, I need you to do better!


Which one of these eps do you think was the strangest? What other weird episodes of Doug stand out for you? Tell us in the comments!

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