18 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re A Coffee Addict

I have a severe coffee addiction and will always find reasons to drink my favorite beverage. I drink anywhere between five and eight cups a day, which is definitely not healthy. No one should follow suit with me on that, but I can’t stop. I’ve tried, believe me. But I can’t do it so I’m just continuing down this caffeine-riddled path.

Coffee addicts often have a lot in common, and we relate to each other a lot. I see the same people every day at my coffee shop and talk about coffee frequently. It’s like a club. If you have a coffee addiction, you’ll understand these things:

1. When you look at a cup of coffee, you swear it’s smiling at you.

Hello, you majestic beverage.

2. You feel like this after you finish your first cup of the day:


3. But then you’re all:


4. Actually, you just need coffee at all times.

Hook me up!

5. You find yourself asking people out like this:

I mean, if you don’t, we can’t hang out.

6. And you’re sassy when someone asks you if you like coffee.


7. You get really upset when your coffee is too hot to drink right away.

Why must you be so delicious yet so hot?!

8. If someone offers to get you coffee, you get very impatient.

Ahem. Where the eff are you?

9. You judge people who prefer tea.


10. You believe coffee has magical powers.


11. You don’t even need a mug.

Nope, I’m good with the pot, thanks.

12. But you collect them.

So pretty!

13. Not being allowed to have coffee is your worst nightmare:

I don’t understand.

14. You cherish your coffee breaks.

Coffee time is the best time.

15. You want to run into your favorite coffee shop like this one day:


16. Your relationship with coffee is your longest one.

12 years going strong!

17. It makes you feel like a superhero.

Sometimes you forget you don’t actually have powers.

18. People tell you to cut back, but you’ll never stop.

Quit coffee? Good joke.
Are you addicted to coffee? Do you relate to any of these? Tell us in the comments!
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  • Megan

    I’m pretty addicted to caffeine and it so makes me nervous just like coffee but I like drinking it. no I don’t have a coffee pot . I buy coffee at this convenient store or sometimes my mom makes me some. Caffeine may make me nervous but it’s an addiction sorta like a cigurate .

  • kelsey

    Is there a #17? I can’t find it but I might have missed it

  • Lissa

    YAY! Are those Twin Peaks gifs?