12 Products You Need This Year For High School

Going back to school was always one of my most favorite parts of the year because of BTS shopping. I loved going to the office supply store and stocking up on Post-its, pens, notebooks and more. Even if I had supplies that I could still use, I’d always get more. I could have outfitted an entire office with the supplies I had.

I still love office supplies, and I’m super jealous of all of you who are going back to school because y’all get to buy the coolest things. I’m definitely living vicariously through you. If I were going back now, I’d have the raddest backpack filled with stuff. If you’re heading back to high school, you should check out these must-have products:

Are you back in school already? What’s your favorite BTS item this year? Tell us in the comments!
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  • Elisabeth

    Lemme tell you, the casio calculator sucks. Get a TI-84 graphing calculator. It’s expensive but it’s worth it and it is more commonly used in math classes across America so yep. A little help from your friendly senior!