8 Weird Things That Will Actually Help Improve Your Relationship

Story time! One of my best friends has been casually dating a guy for over two years now. They don’t have a great relationship, and I’ve struggled to understand why. This may sound strange, but one of the first times I realized why things were off was when she recently told me that they had just had their fight fight. After more than two years, they had their very first fight a few months ago. That, girls, is a huge issue.

As weird as it sounds, fighting is essential to a relationship (we’ll get to the reasons why in a minute). In fact, a lot of things that you would think would harm a relationship are actually good for them. That’s because, in order for them to work, relationships need both the good and the bad times. Here are 8 weird things that will help improve your relationship. Trust me!

What do you think about this advice? What do you disagree with? What did I forget to include? Tell me in the comments!

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  • serah

    Seriously I can’t stop thinking about my ex

  • Anon

    That awkward moment when half of these don’t apply because you’re in a LDR…
    But for the most part, good advice.

  • Ashley

    Harmless flirting? Ummm…

  • Gurl

    I can’t stop thinking about sex.. What do I do? Help. Please

  • sjyu91

    For couples who are long-distance, a couple of these are either not applicable or already come with the relationship.

    For the texting each other 24/7, even for LDR couples, it’s not healthy to do it 24/7 but you mentioned to leave it for when we hang out. In LDRs, it’s not easy to see your S.O. as often as close-distance relationships, and we have to rely on technology to build and keep a relationship stable, so I think for LDR couples, it’s okay to talk on the phone or text more than couples who live in the same city or in close distance.

    For the spending time apart and having your own friends, in LDRs, it kind of comes with it, and it’s a few of the benefits of being in a LDR. It’s tough but when in an LDR, it’s easier to have a life separate from your partner’s. The tough part is to not become TOO independent that you don’t communicate with your partner as often as it needs to be.

    Overall, this piece would definitely apply for couples who live in close-distance or see each other fairly often or have easy access to hanging out with their partner.