10 Things Only High School Freshmen Will Understand

Oh high school. What a glorious time! That is, unless you’re a new freshman. Then you’re probably scared out of your mind because you have no idea whats going on, and you’re coming off your eighth grade high. Now you’re at the bottom of the totem pole again, and you don’t know where the next four years will take you.

But being a freshman is also so exciting because you’re a freshman! You get to start anew and redefine yourself and do all the things. I know it’s overwhelming, but we’ve all been there. Except once you’re not a freshman anymore, you tend to forget how difficult that time was. If you’re about to be a freshman in high school, you’ll definitely understand these things:

1. You literally have no idea where anything is.
confused gif

Does that building even exist anymore?

2. You think seniors are super scary and old.

How young do we look?!

3. You wonder if you actually look really young because now eighth graders look like babies.

OMG but really they are small children.

4. You’re worried about defining yourself too early.
zoolander who am i

I don’t even know where my locker is. How do I know who I am yet?

5. Or that you’ll fall into a group and get stuck there.

If I sit with my friends in this group at lunch, am I bound to this group forever?

6. You’re scared of inadvertently making a teacher hate you on accident.


7. Or immediately becoming a teacher’s pet.


8. You debate whether or not to go out for a team or join a club.

Like I know I’m good enough for varsity, but is that too bold?

9. You realize you have four whole years left of high school.

Oh god.

10. You realize you have FOUR WHOLE YEARS left of high school!

Yes! Basically zero responsibility except math homework AND mom can still drive you to school!

Are you a freshman this year? Do you relate to any of these? Tell us in the comments!
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You need to know these things before your freshman year

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  • Sydney

    I am a high school freshmen this year and can relate to all of this.

  • Gaby

    I’m so stressed out because of high school as a freshman. I’m in a special honors program, and I’ve already gotten 4 projects. How will I be able to manage it all?

  • Senior

    Shut up freshies

  • Colby Johnson

    Freshman year for me wasnt difficult at all…

    Then again, everyone at my school are friends and theres no bullying/confusion period.

  • Kaila

    Lol i relate to this so much when I was a freshman. Except I looked like a senior or junior because I was like 6 feet tall as a freshman girl and no one older than me thought I was a freshman ._.

  • Chloe Banks

    im a freshmann XD im just hoping not to screw this up *anxious face*

  • Erin

    Yes, and no of these are true

  • Shinji Ikari

    Freshmen year was pretty interesting, I didn’t really get along with people that well, but little did they know that I actually got in the fucking robot!

  • rae

    It is acutally true. I was a freshman a few yrs back and believe me im more into being a freshman rather than being a juniorvsince like all the stress is in our blood.

  • Kayla

    I remember when I first got in High school.Of course since I’m canadian,7th grade is concisdered high school.But anyways,there’s nothing more stressful when you’re the new kids getting in on the big kids playground.I guess it gets less bad once you an your friends just forget about it.

  • Brittney

    I was a freshman last year, but I am getting all these feelings still. I get them every year before school. Don’t worry, some if your best days haven’t happened yet. Be who you want

  • Olivia

    I’m a senior bitches! Suck on that.

  • Veronica

    haha I remember freshman year! Some of the seniors didn’t like me because I corrected them when they called us “freshmans”… although I’m not sorry they didn’t haha

    ~Some Advice~

    Join clubs!! JOIN CLUBS! You will find so many people who like the same things you do and can base friendships off of that. Don’t be frightened to go do something different from what your old middle school friend group would do, it’ll make you become friends with more people.

    Do your school work! As much as I hate that your whole like is surrounded by how well you test and complete homework that doesn’t help you in real life unless you are planning to do something related to it (I digress,) it’s important! You’ll not be regretting that you got lower grades come junior-senior year when applying to colleges!

    Try not to get tardies! From experience, if you tend to show up early to class the teachers won’t question you if you are late a couple times because you have a good attendance record. (Be warned, this might not work for everyone as not all teachers are the same.)

    Take the ACT or SAT as soon as you’re ready – or think you are. You’ll be able to get more tests in and help you progressively get better and obtain the score you want!

    I’m not saying you have to, but try and think about colleges. It’s never too early to start looking (I started in elementary school, but that’s just me.)

    Oh, and DON’T stand in the middle of the hall and talk to your friends or something. It’s really annoying and people will shove-push you more than usual and you’ll also get looks. So, yeah, just don’t do that. It’s ridiculous how many jams were started in my school from two people standing and talking. Ridiculous.

    That’s all I can think of off the top of my head! Good luck to all starting high school and have (as much as you can within those walls of confinement) fun!

  • Brooklynn

    Its not so bad. I mean I got through it. So just enjoy because it will feel like it only lasted 5 minutes

  • Zoria

    In eighth grade I used to feel on top on the world. I felt like I ruled the school and could do almost anything I wanted. Starting high school for me makes me feel alone and scared. Not to mention everyone else in higher grades seem to be 2 times my freaking height. High school so far has been rough yet exciting. My biggest obstacle in middle school was being defined as a ‘follower ‘ and I admit I was . It’s easier for my brain to grasp onto the first dominant person it encounters. In high school I’m going to have to become a leader and show that I don’t need anyone to think or do for me. I am independent. High school gives me the chance to redifine myself for the better. ツ

  • Khalid

    I am REALLY scared of becoming a freshmen this year… god I hope this school year isn’t too bad…

  • Fresh M. Anne

    I’m kinda doing #3, 7, and 9.

  • Lacy

    I was a freshman last year, and I can tell you that ALL OF THESE applied to me.