8 Reasons You Need To Go To The Gyno Right Now

In terrifying and sad news, a young woman died from cervical cancer after she was told she was too young to have a pap smear. Dawn Weston passed away at 26 after battling cervical cancer for a year. She moved up the wedding to her husband to January before she started chemotherapy. Weston lost her battle to cancer on May 22, 2014, and now her husband is petitioning to do something about it.

At 24, Weston was dealing with severe back pain (a common symptom of cervical cancer) but none of her doctors considered a pap smear because she “was too young” to have one. In fact, the third time she went to the doctor, she demanded to have one. The law in the UK was changed back in 2003, stating that only women 25 and over were able to get pap smears because women under 25 are much less at risk for cervical cancer. However rare it is, it still happens.

Had Dawn Weston known that she had cervical cancer when she first developed symptoms, she might still be here today. Her husband and family are now working to get that law reversed. Even here in the US, you now don’t have to get a pap smear every year. I still do because I’ve had pre-cancerous cells before, and I’m paranoid.

Here are some really important reasons why you should go to the gyno right now:

Have you been to the gyno yet? Are you afraid to go? Why or why not? Tell us in the comments!
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  • Grace L.

    Hey yall. How do you talk to your doctor if you’ve had sex before? I’m really nervous and ashamed too. My parents don’t know and I think I should see a gyno. How do I see one without my parent knowing? Could my family doctor do the exam? Someone help.. Please 🙁

  • Nikki

    The woman in the second picture is giving that vagina some intense eye contact

  • Static

    I don’t think it is a really good idea to go all the time. I went when I was around 15, and it was a terrible experience. I thought I’d die just getting the pelvic exam and was sore for days. When I described some issues, they acted like I was either crazy, experiencing dumb things I’ll have to suck it up and live with, or both. The doctor then gave me birth control to ease my horrible periods (she was convinced there was nothing she could do and I’m not abnormal in any way, so she pretty much just figured pills would get me out of there) and the pills made me go CRAZY. When I switched back to another birth control my pediatrician gave me, the craziness subsided. Even on birth control my cycles still bother me (even though not as much), and I don’t believe that there isn’t anything except birth control out there that can help me. If I can avoid going there again by not being sexually active ever in my life, I’ll do it! To make it worse, the same gyno convinced my mom that in order to ease her cycle symptoms and completely rid herself of her elevated cancer risk, she should have a hysterectomy and have her ovaries removed. Now that my mom did it, she has to wear a wig because her hair suddenly started calling out in clumps! Of course, the gyno magically has no idea why removing her reproductive organs made her hair fall out, so she has to go see other doctors and experience even higher self consciousness that comes with not being able to have your real hair. The gyno is a horrible place, and I can’t believe that the same doctor successfully delivered me!

    • Pro-choice :)

      The problem was that you had a bad gyno, not that all gynos are bad. In fact, mine is great. I love her so much, she helps me out so much and really gives me and my lady bits the proper attention we need. I like my doctor too, she’s great as well.
      Get a new gyno! And I’m sure all of that will never happen once you find the right one!

      • Static

        I don’t see how the gyno office could ever be a pleasant place to be, but if you say that better doctors make it better I’ll take your word for it. I’m still too freaked out to go though. Even though that was years ago, I’m not sure if I could ever do that again. It will probably take forever for me to get the balls (get the ovaries?) To (wo)man up and go back there! I might never even go again until something is wrong. If I end up not going until something really bad happens, I blame that gyno