#LeftieProblems: 15 Problems You’ll Only Have If You’re Left-Handed

Happy National Left-Hander’s Day! This one is dedicated to all of you lefties out there. No one on the Gurl staff is left-handed (although one of us is pretty sure she may have been switched at birth), but we wanted to write a post for everyone anyway. So, Reddit to the rescue!

This Ask Reddit thread on daily inconveniences for left-handed people is perfect for today. Although I can’t understand exactly what lefties go through, I can emphasize. I know it’s not the same thing, but as a short girl, I experience a lot of daily annoyances that people can’t get if they’re not short. So, I know how it feels to deal with a physical trait you can’t control that makes you life just a little bit harder.

Whatever the issues you have, being left-handed makes you unique, and that’s always awesome. Here are 15 problems you’ll only have if you’re left-handed. 

1. Ink smears when writing with anything, especially pencils 

left handed problem

Spacetoast42: INK SMEAR!


2. Playing Nintendo DS/3DS

video game gif

Kerjigger: The layout of the DS/3DS. Super training in X/Y is damn near impossible because of it.


3. Using scissors 

parks and rec angry gif

Glib1: I bought a pair of left-handed scissors just so that I could demonstrate how f****** difficult right-handed scissors are to my right-handed friends.


4. Paying with a credit card at the store 

angry gif

Nut_Cancer: Paying with a card at any checkout line. The reader and attached pen are always on the right side.


5. Sitting next to a right-handed person 


coolguyomega: eating to the right of a right handed person.


6. Sitting in right-handed desks at school 

right handed desks

tothecore17: when I was in college some of the classrooms had tiny desks and they were right handed


7. Gracefully using a container with a pour spout or holding a cup with a handle

left handed problems

marybowman: If the pour spout on a container is on the side, it’s always on the right side of the handle so you have to either pour backwards or use your right hand.


8. Writing in notebooks with binders or rings 

nial horan gif

Sloth-Senpai: Binder/Notebook Rings when writing on a front page. So awkward to write…


9. When a right-handed person hands you something

justin bieber gif

APheasantPlucker: I hate those awkward moments when someone hands me a pen and I have to reach across my body for it because they’re aiming for the right and I’m trying to grab with the left. Then they give me an apologetic look and we just stare at each other as I try to return the pen to their posession.


10. Shaking hands and giving high fives 

high five gif

GoodMorningFuckCub: Shaking hands. Giving high fives.


11. Dealing with the reactions from people who aren’t left-handed

bored gif

xgloryfades: Astonishment from right handers.


12. Playing most sports

annoyed gif

tenacious-g: Growing up playing sports. Finding a store that that had that 3 lefty baseball gloves or golf club sets was damn near impossible.


13. Using a knife to cut food

frustrated gif

01101010011101010111: The serration on some knives are only on one side. When you slice vegetables left handed with these knives, the food sticks to the side of the knife and the cut wanders.


14. Playing guitar

left guitar gif

hermit101: I play guitar – walking into a guitar shop is generally just a frustrating experience. I’ve even heard it referred to as ‘The Affliction’…


15. …Basically everything

left handed gif

left handed gif

FoolTarot: Everything is more inconvenient, harder, and all-in-all more of a hurdle. You’re instantly behind from the moment of birth, and you gotta work twice as hard to achieve half as much. Check your privilege, Righties.

Are you left-handed? Which problem is the worst? What did we forget to include? Tell me in the comments!

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  • Julia

    I LOVE being left-handed and it’s more than worth the little quirks. It feels good to be different and sometimes makes me feel more liberal :p

  • Maren

    As a right-handed gal who likes to doodle in her notebook at school, I can empathize with #1. So annoying.

  • S

    As someone who writes from right-to-left (Hebrew) and is right-handed, I can really understand the writing issues you brought here (1 and 8, but mostly 1. So annoying!). In Hebrew, it’s actually better to be left handed… 😛