15 DIY Dorm Room Ideas To Save Money and Make Your Place Cute

I commuted to college, so I never had my own dorm room, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t seen my fair share of them. I’ve visited plenty of friends and family members who lived on campus, and I’ve seen dorm rooms ranging from spacious to closet-like. One of my best friends lived in a huge suite that almost never felt crowded. On the other hand, my little sister’s first dorm room was so tiny that two people couldn’t stand between the bunk beds at once. Fordham University in New York City boasted amazing views and a great setup, while SUNY Cortland in upstate New York had smelled and featured only uncomfortable wooden furniture.

No matter the size of the dorm room, though, one thing has remained pretty constant: none of the dorm rooms are actually nice. At least, until someone with great decorating skills gets in there and fixes them up.

Sure, you could head to Wal-Mart or Target or wherever to buy tons of dorm room decorations and cute knick-knacks, but why do that when you could make some unique ones for yourself? DIY dorm items always make your room like more cozy and intimate… they make it feel like home. Plus, your roomies will be super impressed. Here are 15 fun and easy DIY ideas from Pinterest to get you started!


1. Make a boring throw pillow or cushion way cuter by following this easy tutorial. Simple polka dots can make a huge difference! 

These can make your bed look prettier, or can just make the common area look more welcoming.


2. Make a string of Christmas lights look more unique by sticking them inside ping-pong balls. A string of lights is the best way to make your dorm room look instantly more nice. 

Although I can’t find the tutorial, it looks relatively simple.


3. Create the cutest ironing table ever so that your clothes are never wrinkly. 

And when you’re not ironing on it, it can make a cute little table.


4. Make your own comfy body pillow that can be great to sleep with, or can be used in a common area instead of a chair. 

I’m seriously considering doing this myself.


5. Make a shadow box holder for your jewelry. Even if you’re not allowed to hang this up, it will be perfect propped against the wall on your desk. 

Bonus: the bottom acts as a shelf!


6. Create a pretty loft-type space with your bunk bed by hanging nice sheets and lights. You can hang the sheets down so they hide whatever you store under there, or you can stick a bean bag chair under there to relax in. 

I would strongly advise against that makeshift hammock though. That looks dangerous.


7. Glittery mason jars could not be easier to make, and they’ll make really pretty containers for whatever you want. 

Using them as a vase for fake flowers make a perfect decoration.


8. Making your own headboard is way easier than you would think. This one can be super temporary because it’s not attached to anything. 

Trust me, this will make your tiny little bed look SO much nicer.


9. Make polka-dot ping-pong ball lights. How pretty are these?! 


10. If you’re allowed to hang stuff on your ceiling or walls, make this canopy. It will give you some much-needed privacy. 


11. Make a picture garland instead of a collage so that your pics stand out from everyone else’s. 


12. Bean bag chairs can easily look tacky and silly. Make yours more mature and pretty by DIYing it up. 

These are a great alternative to chairs. They don’t take up as much space, are easy to store away, and pretty comfy.


13. If you can hang something on your door, make this hamper. It keeps dirty clothes out of the way, and makes laundry so easy.

The open top makes it super simple to throw dirty clothes in there!


14. Not into the hanging lights? Try this simple fabric flower garland for decoration instead. 


15. Make a braided t-shirt rug. I’m not going to lie, this looks super difficult and time-consuming. If you’re really into DIY, though, go for it… it will make an awesome piece. 


Which of these DIY projects is your favorite? Which are you going to try? What else should be included? Tell me in the comments!

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