8 Weird Bras That Actually Exist In Real Life

Whether you think of a bra is friend or foe is a personal choice. But the fact is that most of us wear bras, and we all have our own bra preferences. Some of us like a push-up, some of us love ultra lacy material, and some of us think underwire is the invention of the devil.

Those are all pretty common bra preferences. But would you ever rock a bra made of fox heads? What about Barbies? Bacon? Yeah, those bras actually exist, so check out 8 of these weird, random bras that you probably wouldn’t want to wear…ever.

Doll Head Bra

Imagine wearing this on a hot date and having BAE take off your top, only to reveal all of these doll heads. Sounds like a Goosebumps book, right? Well, the woman behind this design still sells em so if you're so inclined, grab yourself a doll bra.

Photo Source: Etsy

Grow Your Own Rice Bra

No, really, this bra seriously doubles as a rice grower. Hey, if it can save me some money from buying rice all the time and offer my boobs some awesome support, why the hell not?

Photo Source: Yuriko Nakao / Reuters

Hand Bra

This isn't the weirdest bra on the planet, but there's something creepy about it anyway. There are even worse versions out there in which the hands belong to a skeleton. I like macabre stuff and all, but that's...a little much.

Photo Source: Pinterest

The Bacon Bra

I love bacon and would probably eat this thing in a hot second. Unfortunately, the bacon bra site is largely defunct these days, which is sad for you bacon lovers because it offered other bacon accessories as well. At least we'll have the memories...and by that I mean this picture.

Photo Source: Bacontits.com

Wire Spiral Bra

You know that feeling when you go into your car on a hot day and everything feels like it's on fire? Yeah, well, imagine wearing this thing on a hot day. No, but really, if you want to know what that's like you can buy it here.

Photo Source: Etsy

Papusza Couture Taxidermy Arctic Fox Kissing Coyote Bra

Okay...okay...taxidermy is impressive and all but it's freaky enough to see stuffed animals hanging on someone's wall. So to see them in bra form is definitely a little on the doing-too-damn-much side for me. But if you're into it, you can buy this baby for the ultra low price of $600.

Photo Source: Etsy

The Marriage Hunting Bra

Okay, so here's another kooky bra that you're going to love. This one comes with a countdown clock so that its wearer can determine when they want their wedding date to be. Once they find their true love, their engagement ring is inserted into that little pink slot that looks oddly vaginal and the "Wedding March" song plays. That's...cool...I guess. Is there a way to get my bra to play "Wiggle" though?

Photo Source: Yuriko Nakao / Reuters

The True Love Tester Bra

Nobody loves kooky bras like Japan, and this one is no exception to the kooky bras only club. It's called the True Love Tester bra and it only opens automatically once a built-in sensor notices a woman's heart rate increase to a threshold that its designers believe accompanies a love connection. I can go on about how stupid it is to assume that only true love accompanies "take-my-bra-off-now-and-get-busy" feelings, but I'm going to hold off. Instead, I'm going to advice anyone who actually buys this thing to avoid wearing while jogging.

Photo Source: Ravijour.com


Looks like these suckers are a lot less weird than I thought:

austin powers fembots


Would you wear any of these bras? What is the weirdest thing you’d fashion into a bra? Tell us in the comments!

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  • wolffighter

    where to get the gold hand bra?

  • wolffighter

    where can i get the gold hand bra

  • alexis

    dude i love the hand bra idea. i have a misfits shirt thats a skeleton grabbing my boobs

  • Roanne

    The true love tester bra seems good, but as I’m pretty sensitive and my feelings are intense and I also have big breasts I just don’t imagine myself wearing this and seeing my crush 😮
    And guess the rest (Heart goes in a wild boom-boom-boom and bra suddently goes *clack* *open*)