15 Kinds Of People You Will Meet During Your First Week Of College

Attention incoming college freshmen: You’re going to spend most of your first days of college meeting more people than you’ve ever met in your life. You will shake so many hands that you’re going to seriously start carrying hand sanitizer. You’re going to meet so many Saras and Ashleys and Britneys and Emilys that you won’t remember which one is which. You are going to have so many new FB friends and you’re going to end up wanting to unfriend all of them by the year’s end.

In short, there will be so many new people up in your life that your head will spin. Among these new people will be some you end up knowing very well and people you’ll just catch in glances, but either way they will each represent a, shall we say, archetype of the sort of people who exist on nearly every college campus in the world. If you want a cheat sheet, here are 15 kinds of people you will meet during your first week of college.    


1) That dude who is always playing his acoustic guitar on the quad, surrounded by girls. Ugh, nobody asked you to play “Wonderwall” again.

guy guitar


2) The girl who is obviously trying to start her own clique on your dorm hall.

jawbreaker i made you im god


3) The guy who is only going to wear basketball shorts every day for the next four years.

basketball bros

4) That girl who wears heels every day, without fail.

heels fall

5) The broody arts kids that seem so damn cool but you’re intimidated by them.

judy funnie art drama

6) The girl who is so homesick that she is ready to jump on a plane back home right this second just to stop crying so much.

kim crying gif

7) The dude in your English/History/Philosophy/whatever course who is super pretentious and thinks he is really edgy just because he read Bukowski and uses SAT words.

gilmore girls stupid

8) The girl you know is either going to be president or a CEO someday.

lisa simpson

9) The girl who you only see roaming the dorm corridors when there’s a big party that night.

skins party

10) That girl you know is going to start all of those protests on campus.


11) That guy who is way too into college and only wears college gear.


12) Your classroom enemy. AKA, the person you already disagree with in class on everything.

real wives of atlanta side eye

13) The folks who are so ridiculously desperate to rush.


14) The chick who literally will not leave her room unless she’s going to class or going to the dining hall.

daria room loser

15) The dude sitting in the back of your bio class with an expression on his face that reads, “college was a huge mistake.”

college workaholics


What other kinds of people did you meet when you came to college? Was it harder or easier to make friends? Are any of you incoming freshmen worried about having a whole new social life? Tell us in the comments!

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  • rachel

    How many Ashleys did you meet, Ashley? (Seeing as there has not been a single year in my school career where I didn’t know another Rachel/Raechel/Rachael/etc, I think the trend will continue in uni.)