13 Things Extroverts Are Completely Sick Of Hearing

Everyone thinks being an extrovert is soooo easy, but it’s really not all rainbows and butterflies over here y’all. Extroverts have issues, just like everyone else. We get sad, and some of us even have anxiety. Being an extrovert doesn’t mean you’re #blessed with a magical problem-free life.

I’ve been very on for the past two months. I’ve been traveling and having friends visit and doing ALL the things! But I am burnt out, and I need a break from everyone and everything. I just need a mini social cleanse, which apparently is surprising to a lot of people. I told one of my friends I was spending the entire weekend alone, and she was shocked. Believe it or not, extroverts do cherish alone time.

If you’re friends with an extrovert, please avoid the following:

1. “Why do you have so much energy?”

Um… what do you mean? Is energy bad?

2. “You’re always just so… ON.”

Yes. And?

3. “Just go by yourself!”

But I don’t wanna!

4. “You talk too much.”

You don’t have to listen, I guess.

5. “You’re being really clingy.”

If by clingy, you mean social?

6. “What problems could you possibly have?”

Extroverts have problems too! We just hide it well, y’all.

7. “But you’re always so happy.”

Not always.

8. “Do you have an opinion on everything?”


9. “You just always have to be the center of attention don’t you?”

I mean, I don’t hate it. It’s not necessary, though.

10. “Can you be serious for a second?”

Extroverts aren’t permanent goofballs or jokesters or partiers, I promise.

11. “You don’t want to go out? You’re always in the mood to go out!”

Sometimes I do want to be alone and not do stuff!

12. “OMG why are you so loud?”

I’m loud?

13. “You have too many friends.”

No such thing! The more the merrier!

Are you an extrovert? Has anyone said these things to you? Tell us in the comments!
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  • Kat

    All those were so true. People also never believe when you’re sad. They think you’re acting sad to get attention

  • Nicole

    THANK YOU! I am so sick of introverts acting like they’re the only ones with certain needs and problems. I am more than willing to learn about introverts and their anxieties and such as I have tons of introverted friends and I want them to be comfortable. On the other end of the spectrum, though, it seems like those same friends think I’m just a big ball of positive energy ready to bounce around to every single party with absolutely no issues or anxieties of my own. I don’t mind staying in every once in a while and while I require significantly less alone time than most people, I will go just as crazy without it.