10 Things That Are Wrong With Sex Ed Right Now

It should come as no surprise to anyone that sexual education in the United States is horrible. Ideally, sex ed should be a helpful, mandatory course that teaches students about safe sex, along with all of their options. Instead, the guidelines vary by state, most students aren’t learning anything useful, and everyone is left confused. While there are definitely some schools around the country that offer great sex ed, the sad fact is that the majority of schools do not.

Studies show that not only does sex education keep students safer, it also encourages students to wait. There’s nothing wrong with having sex at a young age, but many people regret their first time, and maybe that could be avoided if they were better informed about sex. With facts like these, why aren’t more schools teaching things that students really need to know? It’s disappointing, concerning, and really discouraging.

Sex is a huge part of our world, and there’s no getting around it. School administrators, educators, and politicians can pretend all they want that teens aren’t having sex, but they’re wrong. Every day, I get questions from you guys about the basics of sex. At Gurl, we’re happy to help and inform you guys. But this is stuff that you should have learned in school – not that you had to Google to find out about. With that being said, here are 10 things that are seriously wrong with sex right now.

What do you think about this list? What do you disagree with? What did I forget to include? How was your sex ed? Tell me in the comments.

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15 things that should be taught in sex ed

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  • imani

    At my school, we didn’t even have it at all! We did have this one thing called girl tall where we found out about our reproductive system but nothing about sex. And it was after school and it only happened once. Not even yearly!

  • Kathryn

    Sex ed was only a six-session course taught at my school in eigth grade. It was an abstinence-only course. Even though the teacher was awesome, and we had a great time, it still was not very informative. They even handed out little fake abstinence atm cards that we signed, pledging our virginity until our wedding night. I guess they thought that a plastic card with a bride and groom on it would be enough to convince everyone in my eigth grade class to not have sex… there ya go. who needs condoms? perfect birth control right there haha

  • Elizabeth Von Kashmir

    They should start teaching Sex Ed earlier on. Dr. Doe who runs the YouTube channel Sexplanations does a pretty good job of teaching these things and makes it interesting

  • Dina

    From my experience is better not to have sex ed- I have healthy relationship with sex and this page gurl.com and Interent taught me as well as teen magazines better than any sex ed could because they accept sex as normal thing without woman shame, while anyone who had sex ed has fear factor seed planted in them.

    • Pro-choice :)

      Getting rid of sex education isn’t beneficial to some. There are children who aren’t in middle class and don’t have access to the internet, magazines, or they are sheltered and aren’t in control of what they can explore on the internet. Starting with school is the first step to reach out all types of students, especially the ones with the highest risk.

  • babymamma

    I am sorry but to those who shame girls who go to abortion are asses. Abortion is an option BUT it should NEVER be used as a birth control (like getting pregnant over and over again and just continuing to get abortions). I use to be very much against abortion until I got pregnant at 16. At first, I beloved abortion to be to best option because I saw myself as not fit to be a mother yet and I knew that if I had the baby and did adoption I would take one look at her and keep her. I ended up keeping my baby over the abortion, not only because I was to far along to receive one but because I connected to the baby and now I have a beautiful girl. Ya, abortion isn’t good but don’t judge those who choose it when you don’t know how the situation feels

  • Katherine

    I go to a catholic school where sex education is never given. Me and my parents don’t agree with this, and believe that a religious lifestyle can be encouraged alongside sex education, instead of creating a naive generation – I don’t think health and personal safety should ever be compromised due to religion

  • Papillon

    What I hate about sex-ed the most is not teaching teens/kids about safe sex like condoms and birth control well enough. They really need to implant it in their heads that IT’S REALLY IMPORTANT! Than the number of unwanted pregnancies ans mostly abortions will decrease so much! Than girls will use protection all the time! I’m STRONGLY anti abortion. And I know of the shitty sex ed in US (I did my research). And they should teach about abortion, on what it really is! NOT “it’s ok to do it” or “you should never do it” but “this is what happens during an abortion, this is why it happens and you should decide if you wanna do this.” Tell them the truth about why abortions are preferomed, and what is done during an abortion. Abortion should be a choice BUT girls/boys/women/men should be taught that it’s not the first thing to think about once you get an unwanted pregnancy. It’s MUCH more common to get an unwanted pregnancy if protection is not used. And people that mess up, should pay for their concenquances. Before girls go all “opps I didn’t want this baby, I should abort it” she should think “I should of used protection” or “what was I thinking when I has sex unprotected?” Once their is good sex ed, the world will be less baby killing place.

    • Pro-choice :)

      I agree, except for the fact that you don’t acknowledge that accidents happen. We definitely need to be teaching kids how to take birth control pills, correctly put on a condom, and how to insert a ring. However, we also need to teach them that, condoms break even when used correctly, pills aren’t always right for a persons’ body as well as IUDs and rings. These things are still very possible to occur.

  • Static

    I still say it should be removed because frankly, listening ended up scarring me for life. I don’t think I will ever recover from that class! I feel like I should be terrified of ANYTHING sexual And afraid of all men. I am still trying to get over the fact that it is natural and not wrong, and no matter how comfortable I think I feel about it I still have that nagging thought that it is bad at the back of my head that eventually makes me terrified for weeks. It didn’t work anyway because in high school, it seemed that everyone had a pregnancy scare at least once, many seem to be unaware of all of the safety things, how to tell if you are in a bad sexual relationship(abusive) and a lot became mothers before 18. Schools need to get their act together for the young women of the future! I don’t like the fact that there are probably so many like me that have messed up views from the class and so many others that get themselves into terrible situations from not being educated from the class!

  • Hailey

    I’m from Canada, and our sex ed is fantastic. In middle school, it was a required class for all three years. They taught us all the good stuff, everything we could possibly need to know and then some. After that, there was no confusion at all. And now in high school, we have one day every year where they go over everything and hand out condoms/dental dams and brochures. My grandparents were concerned because I came home with dozens of booklets entitled “Oral Sex”, “Toys and How to Use Them”, and “No Means No” and a bag full of protection. Besides that, there’s a sexual health nurse that has an office at my school. She gives out all forms of birth control for free to those who need it and is always available to talk anonymously about anything sex related. Even with all of this, the majority of my school isn’t having sex and teen pregnancy around here is rare. I don’t know why the US doesn’t take our example because I think the way we do it around here is great. Knowledge is power.

  • mary

    I agree, i think that parents should talk more about students about sex its taught too early but i dont have a problem in my school with slut shameing. i think people shouldnt be having sex until they are at least 18.