Quiz: What Kind Of Shoe Are You?

shoe-quizEver heard the saying, “shoes are a girl’s best friend?” Well, for this girl, it’s true. Shoes bring me happiness, lift me up when I’m feeling sad, and have even gotten me through some tough situations. I’ve met very few girls who don’t like shoes. What’s not to love? They are one of the best accessories to add to any outfit, whether it’s a sandal with your favorite summer dress, a pair of kick-ass pumps to show people you mean business, or a trendy sneaker when you want to look seriously cool. We all have the perfect pair that we wear when we want to look our best. 

Shoes also tell a lot about who a person is. Some of us are all about the comfort, while others are willing to deal with a little pain if they look good. Some of us have no self-control when shoe shopping, while others know their boundaries. Have you every wondered if you were a shoe, which type of shoe would you be?  Take our quiz below to find out what type of shoe you are!



Do you love shoes? Is there a certain shoe that you cannot live without? Let us know in the comments below! 

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