What Should You Do If Your Boyfriend Sends Nude Pics To Another Girl?

I don’t advocate for the whole sending nudes thing. And I certainly do not like getting penis pictures in my messages. However, people are into what they’re into, and I’m in not place to judge. But I do expect that if I’m in a relationship with someone, they’re not sending pictures of themselves to someone else.

This week on the message boards, one girl wants to know what to do about her boyfriend sending a naked picture to another girl. He owned up and apologized, but should she stay with him?

Let’s see what y’all had to say:

MW1995 asked:
“My boyfriend of 8 months admitted that he had send a naked picture to another girl a few weeks ago. Other than this he has always been so perfect, never stepped a toe out of line. Even done crazy romantic things like dinner dates in Paris and asking me out on top of the Eiffel tower while giving me the most beautiful necklace, and this is just one thing of many.

While he told me what he had done, he shook and cried the whole time because he thought I’d break up with him and he’d lose me. I want to stay with him but I really don’t know how to deal with this.”

del677 said:
“For me the real test of a person’s character is are they emotionally affected when they realize they’ve screwed up. A jerk won’t care and won’t have an emotional reaction. A good nice sensitive guy will… well what you just described. And is he really emotionally affected, or is he just acting (hoping to get an Emmy for best ‘pretending to be upset after you’ve sent a naked picture to another girl and your girlfriend finds out’).

If it’s real then you’ve got a nice guy who’s a good person, because good people feel bad when they do bad things. What you do about it is up to you. It’ll be an interesting test of your relationship. Best wishes!”

putabowon said:
“Honestly, get rid of him. If you’re having a problem like this with him at 8 months then it will only get worse. You deserve better.”

shy.beth said:
“A similar thing happened to me. I dumped him immediately as I was so upset and angry. It still makes me mad when I think about it now! It is up to you if you stay with him, but for me I wouldn’t be able to trust again, and without trust there’s no relationship. I am really sorry for you though.”

Sabbi696 said:
“Well, look at it this way..he did admit to it..so he must have felt guilty..some people wouldn’t even admit it. However, I would want to know why he sent a naked picture to her, because there must have been some sort of reason. Personally, I don’t think I would forgive my boyfriend if he did that to me.”

HaileyH said:
“For me, if my boyfriend didn’t admit it and own up to it, I would have broken up with him. While sending a naked picture to another girl is something totally unacceptable, the fact that he owned up to it and told you and even felt sorry for it shows that he has a lot of guts. Hopefully he will be able to make it up to you.”

Honestly, I would be done. Sending a naked picture to someone isn’t a mistake. Like, someone can kiss you in the moment if you’re alone with them. That is a mistake. Taking a nude photo and sending it to someone is a deliberate act.

I get that this guy apologized and feels terrible, however, he was clearly looking for something outside of this relationship. I would have a really hard time ever trusting my boyfriend if he sent naked pictures to another girl. I’d constantly be worrying what he was doing on his phone and if he was trying to cheat on me.

It’s a tough call because I do believe in second chances as well. Maybe he won’t ever do something like this again, but I think personally I’d be done. I feel like this sort of behavior at the beginning of a relationship just means it’s a gateway to other things. Good luck!
What do you think? What would you do if your BF did this? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Robin

    My boy friend showed me is phone, out of the blue, it was a chick sucking off some guy. I asked who’s that , he replied I don’t know . Why should I? It’s computer generated! He was pissed at me for asking!
    I thought, how fucked up. We have great, hot sex. How would he feel if his son in law was showing his daughter this??
    So what??? Confront him he’ll be pissed, just fucked up.

  • Becky

    This happened to me… my BF sent nudes to a woman he’s been friends with for 15 years who now lives overseas… He also sent a video of him jacking off over a video she sent over herself masturbating. He said they are “friends” and that he used to live with her.

    He said it didn’t matter because she was overseas and had a boyfriend. I said it made it worse.

    I read the conversation they had and it was stuff like “wish you lived here” etc.
    Pretty low all round really and clearly the relationship has moved beyond friendship.

    He’s trying to organise a 3some for us so I allow him to communicate with girls this way in our country (AU). But he had nothing to gain from doing the same thing with a friend overseas (and clearly it’s for his own personal satisfaction not for something that will spice up our relationship).

    He said if I’d done this with another guy (ie roles reversed) he would not have been mad. Which is obviously why he did it – he just thought I wouldn’t be upset about it… plus obviously enjoys the rush and personal satisfaction he gets from the attention.

    It’s really hard – because I’m extraordinarily hurt by the whole thing. To me, it seemed like it was more than just friends sending dirty pics. But I have different rules if he wants to send to random girls… If there’s no prior attachment – it makes sense not to be upset about it, but this is a friend he’s known for years. He already likes her – because they have a friendship. This for me makes it not OK because there’s clearly more feelings there than just dirty stuff and that’s what hurts.

  • Ashlee

    Well, I am now newly single (as of last night). My ex (we’ll call him frank) admitted to sending nude pics to other females. it’s slightly confusing but the first time I caught him (about 1 month ago) was a total act of God, he sent me dirty messages “mm more” etc on snapchat by accident. After days of denial, he admitted they were for his “bestfriend” and yes he did send nudes, last night I begged him for honesty Cuz I had a feeling something was going on, he again admitted sending nude pics via snapchat to a different girl, going on a date with someone (while we were having a rough patch..going thru a miscarriage) and messaging random females. I now told him I can’t do it anymore, he says he loves me he’s sorry were meant to be etc. Keep in mind, after the first time this happened he gave me his fb password, snapchat and email passwords..he states he did all this because these females were helping comfort him while we were having a rough patch, is that a legit excuse, im so confused…What do I do?

    • Becky

      Hi Ashlee,

      I’ve commented above on my situation – I feel like if he’s sending stuff to friends (girls) that he already knows and has a relationship with – it’s not OK. There’s already feelings there and he’s trying to turn a friendship into something more than that.

      I get that he was probably trying to comfort himself – and alot of it comes down to the stroking of one’s own ego. Getting a positive reaction from girls if he’s sending nudes will make him feel better about himself.

      The fact that he denied it when you openly asked about it is wrong.

      The point I suppose is, was it just sex stuff or was it more than that?

      Was it an ego stroke or was it more than that?

      If you feel like he has feelings for these other women – the relationship is over fair and square – if not… I think you could probably work it out if you really like him and he’s great in every other way.

  • Kay💕

    Ok so I have a bf. (Had) well our relationship was so inocent but we were so in love and he was so sweet and romantic. One day I came back from my rang where I didn’t have service and got a text from him saying it’s over. The hardest part was that he was sweet about it. Then a day later I got another text from two of my friends telling me the news. He sent nudes to one of our friends with no warning. It was the most deco stating moment in my life. And all o could think was “y would he do something like this!?” I cried my eyes out for days and so I texted him and got it outta him. IT WAS TRUE! So my crying went on more after he apologized like a real gentleman which I respected and he also told me to think about it. He truly felt bad. If only I could see his face, then I would really know for sure. After doing lots of thinking, guys have got lots of hormones especially as teens and they do pretty dumb things. And so do girls, and we can’t all deny that we haven’t flirted with a guy we weren’t suppoesed to flirt with, we all find that one guy on Instagram who is attracted to us and we still talk to him even though we r dating someone. Even though it’s not as bad, we all have those moments, and we can’t deny it. So let’s all come to the conclusion that if he really is sorry and confesses, let’s accept that apology and move on and forgive and forget bc if it’s real you shouldn’t just walk away. Stay sassy ladies💕💕💕

  • Claire

    My boyfriend of one year did this to me numerous times. I made the mistake of believing him when he told me he was sorry & would never do it again the first time. He didn’t own up to it at first until I showed him I had proof. Be done with him, don’t make the mistake I did & take him back. He only did it 5 more times after that (that I know of at least). You deserve a better more respectful guy

  • jade

    I was with my boyfriend for 6 months and i heard rumors about him asking his ex for photos i shook it off and thought she was just spreading stuff to split us up. later on i found photos on his phone, and emails to other girls. and then eventually few months on found on his facebook he was talking to other girls and wanting photos of them and this went on till about a year in the relationship, i stupidly forgave him everytime cause there was always some excuse and he swore it wouldnt happen again and all this. but the facebook thing where i saw everything was true, i ended the relationship, i look back and think how did i even stay with him, but when your in love with someone you cant imagine not being with them, but if i was you i would end it cause hes done it once he will do it again. there is too many websites and social media things online and on phones now a days and its to easy for people to do stuff behind your back. Dont be treated like a mug. I hope this helps.

  • HonestMan

    Sounds like he really likes you and sees you two getting further in life, he couldn’t keep it in because he fears after you two settle, this may surface and ruin everything. He obviously wants a second chance, he admitted something that to most wouldn’t be a big deal. However him exchanging nude pics says you might have been a second choice for him. If something like that can prevent you from being happy and loved by a man for the next 50 years then sucks to be you.

    Personally I wouldn’t have told you because THAT could be a deal breaker for you, so I’d keep it in, destroy any piece of evidence and love you for ever and wouldn’t let go.

  • Roxanne

    Honestly, from personal experience..i say dump him. Things will be difficult at first but its worth it. I was in the same exact situation and honestly taking him back had to be the worse idea ever. We’ve been together 2 years and our relationship is horrible. my trust issues and insecurities are off the roof and it just makes things much more complicated. We all deserve someone who will respect us 24.7..good luck and im so sorry you had to deal with that.. ask yourself this .. if you would have shared your body with someone else..would he have forgiven you? probably not.

  • anoymous

    I’ve been in a similar situation, except my boyfriend asked for them. Now, before a bunch of girls jump down my throat here’s things to consider, and this applies to you too.
    1. He is a human being, humans do fuck up. Yes what he did was shitty, but we all do shitty things. You shouldn’t hold someone accountable forever over one mistake
    2. He admitted to it and apologized. Most people don’t even realize when they do something like that that it’s wrong. The fact he did and apologized right there shows you he is decent
    3. Look at how he treats you. He treats you very well from what you have said. It disgusts me how everyone’s telling you to dump a nice guy over one mistake. Second chances are important.
    Whenever my bf did what he did I was messed up for awhile. But he and I monitor eachother and trust was eventually restored.

  • Sarah

    It’s definitely a tough call and depends on your personal belief on issues like this. Do you consider this cheating? If yes, then how do you deal with a person who cheats? Do you hear him out and give him a second chance or are you firm in cutting him loose?

    If my boyfriend were to do this, I’d commend his honesty instead of having to find out through another source. However, it’d definitely hurt me and it’d make me re-evaluate our relationship. I do believe in second chances but I don’t consider this a mistake.

    Hear him out and see what he has to say and his reasoning for this, because it really could be a one-time thing, since he seems to be sincerely apologetic about it. Then it’s your decision and communicate with him of your feelings and make a mutual decision.

    If y’all decide to try to move past this, it’ll be hard and he’s gonna have to do a lot to earn your trust so don’t expect it to be all happy right away.

    Good luck!