10 Differences Between Middle School And High School

I didn’t think that middle school and high school would be that big of a transition. I went to a small private school in which the middle school and high school were on opposite sides of the same campus, school was already stressful, I knew all my friends already and aside from a slightly updated outfit collection, I didn’t think that high school would bring too many surprises.

Ha…ha ha ha…ha…wow, was I wrong.

Not only were there more students, but there was also a shift in my friend circle, a surge of topics of conversation and–surprise surprise–a massive increase of schoolwork. Oh, joy! If you’re making the transition from middle school to high school this fall, then here are 10 differences that you’ll notice in no time.

1) All those boys you used to tower over quickly begin to tower over you.

tai frasier short clueless
2) Your friend with the messy locker becomes the friend with the messy car.

goofy movie car

3) Your backpack is a lot heavier. Like, a lot.

heavy backpack

4) That after school sport becomes your after school, before school and during school life.

princess and the frog tiana tired

5) Grades actually start to, you know, matter.


6) Middle school parties are…cute. But high school parties are a lot messier.

skins party

7) Your group of friends changes in a big way.

my mad fat diary friends

8) Teachers will be on your case all the time. All the time. And they will always be able to track you down.

nervous that's so raven

9) Bathroom eavesdropping changes from periods and bras to blowjobs and wild parties.

snsd kpop girls generation eavesdropping

10) And, of course, you’re going to be a billion times more stressed out. Welcome to high school!

tina belcher shaking thrashing bobs burgers

What other differences are there between middle school and high school? Which ones sucked and which ones were a bit of a blessing? Tell us in the comments!

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  • N

    I really needed this caz I’m starting high school next month

    • Sofi

      I’m starting high school too this year good luck