Gurl Horoscopes August 2014


Luck is hanging around in the romance and fun sector this month. You will feel inspired and rather joyful this month. This may bring an opportunity to change who you are in the world. Be ready for the unexpected. Opportunity is around every corner. You may not feel supported by others if your choices are shocking and sudden, so don’t take this personally. You are here to forge your own way. Trust your instincts, and be careful you don’t put your foot in your mouth. It could be embarrassing. Always keep your kindness filter on, and use it regularly.

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  • NicksGurl

    Mine is so on target it’s scary…. I’m an Aquarius, and I’m currently in the best relationship I’ve been in so far, I’m debating/nervous about telling him I love him because he’s totally in love with me (though he hasn’t said the “L” word directly he’s said forever, offered to move near whatever college I’m accepted into so we could move in together, etc. <3 ) He knows secrets I've never told anyone. And for the full moon thing I just texted him about having a date under the super moon tomorrow. This is freakish.

  • Cynthia

    Really hope it does come out the way you say it will for virgo