10 Weird Dream Jobs You Didn’t Know You Could Have

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a weather woman. It was my life dream. That dream transitioned into being a news anchor or talk show host because I didn’t actually love weather as much as my seven-year-old self did. Also, bad weather gives me anxiety so that wouldn’t have worked. Anyway, my dreams changed over the years as I learned what my talents and strengths were. Honestly, being a writer who gets to work on the internet all day is a dream in itself!

But there are some dream jobs out there that I had no idea existed. When I think about things I love doing, I would be thrilled to watch TV all day or play with makeup for my job. (Those things are sort of applicable to my job now, but I’m talking full-time.) Here are some dream jobs that you didn’t know you could have and should probably start training for ASAP:

Which of these jobs would you love to have? What’s your dream job? Tell us in the comments!
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