So You Think You Can Dance’s tWitch Gives Us Advice On Confidence And Dating

Yesterday, we had a visitor in the office! Stephen “tWitch” Boss from So You Think You Can Dance popped in to chat with us and our friends over at Teen. You first saw tWitch on the auditions for SYTYCD season 3 but didn’t make it onto the show after Vegas Week. But he came back better than ever and made it onto season 4, snagging an Emmy nomination for his performance of “Mercy” with Katee Sheen. He stuck around the whole season and was runner-up. He came back to SYTYCD an All-Star on seasons 7-10.

tWitch also starred in Step Up 3D and Step Up Revolution as Jason and Stomp the Yard 2: Homecoming as Taz. He’s doing lots of big things on his own and alongside his equally talented wife, Allison Holker, whom he met on SYTYCD season 7. The two avoided each other for a while, although Allison had a massive crush on him. They finally connected at the season 7 wrap party when tWitch pointed at her to dance with him and the rest is history. They got married in December 2013 and haven’t stopped being adorable since.

As a Southerner, I was so excited to talk to someone from the South who made it big! tWitch is from Montgomery, Alabama and didn’t let his roots hold him back at all. (We totally bonded–it was great.) I chatted with tWitch about achieving your dreams and got some male insight on talking to your crush!

What is your best advice on how to achieve your goals, especially for teens who are from small towns?
There’s so many. First and foremost, you have to have like LOVE for what you do. With that, like, just being fearless with your dreams, you know what I mean? Because I feel like sometimes, especially in the South right, I feel like sometimes you dream big and then you’re immediately kind of dampered down. There’s a lot of people from Montgomery that’s like “Oh, you out there in California? That’s way too far.” It’s like too far for what? You can come back. So don’t damper your dreams down because you’re scared of it. If you’re scared of it, that just means it’s awesome, you know what I mean? So like, you have to just, you have to go for it. You have to, like, step out there and make sure that you at least try to make it happen because if not then, then it’s not gonna happen. It’s not going to. And there’s so much untapped talent in the South that I feel like for them to deny themselves is just denying a gift to the world. There’s so much, but again, it just comes from that fear-based movement so it’s just, I know it sounds so cliche, but it’s just like believe in yourself and like love what you do. Just really, really, really love what you do and the rest will kind of take care of itself to be quite honest. Everybody that’s great has started out at some point in time. Like, anybody, like in the history of anything. They’ve started out at some point in time and then become great, you know what I mean?

You seem pretty confident. How can teens be more confident or open up if they’re shy?
Well, to break out of your shy shell or just realize your confidence is just realize that you are a gift. Like in the history of this entire earth, this whole existence, you will be the only you. Like, literally there will be absolutely no one like you. No matter how hard someone tries, just like no matter how hard you try, you cannot be someone else. Like if you idolize Beyonce or Rihanna or whatever, no matter how hard you try, you will not be them. You will be you trying to be them. And that just doesn’t make any sense at all. So like, be you, because you’re a gift. You’re it. And for those that don’t want to have anything to do with you for you being yourself, then that’s just kind of like the universe’s way of weeding out the bad seeds. Because trust me, there’s a lot of people in the world. There’s gonna be somebody in a whole group of people that loves you for exactly who you are so there’s no need to fake the funk and try to be friends with people that want you to act like somebody else. At the same time, you’re not asking them to do the same. If it’s an issue of self confidence, you’re not asking somebody else to be somebody else to be your friend so why would you accept the same for yourself?

Like, seriously, how cute are they?! Source: Brian To/

Like, seriously, how cute are they?! Source: Brian To/

What is the best thing a girl can do to let her crush know she’s into them?
Honestly, and this is me speaking from a guy’s perspective, just saying SOMETHING is enough. Like, I think we just get so caught up in it, like it has to be this like epic thing. But like, you making the action is of saying something at all is already epic within itself. It really is. Just walking up to someone and saying like “Hey, what’s going on?” You’ve been striking up a conversation and then somehow getting to “You know, I think you’re cute” or “I’d love to talk sometime. You wanna go to lunch?” or something like that. That within itself is epic. It is because, you know, unless a guy is really stuck on himself, he’s not really gonna be expecting that. That’s the nicest surprise, you know? Just be genuine about it. You don’t have to be smooth unless that’s your personality. You just come up with something smooth or clever, that’s great, but just like being able to walk up and say “Hey, I’m feeling your style. I’d just love to talk to you” or “I think you’re beautiful,” that within itself is epic.

On making history:
Well look, history has never been made by people playing it safe. Like, it just has not been. Like, those that have changed history have been super, super, super daring and what’s that quote, um “Well behaved women rarely ever make history.” So true.

If you could pick any different nickname for yourself, what would it be?
Oh man, you know what? It’s crazy, and it’s long. I’m so bad with nicknames, but bad like because I say ones that just don’t make sense. I’ve always wanted to be called Blackbelt Jones 9000. It’s crazy, and I don’t even know why! And that’s such a long name, like you couldn’t call me from across the street like “Hey Blackbelt Jones 9000!” that’s way, way too long! But it’s kinda cool.

We’ll make it a hashtag!

Yes! #BlackbeltJones9000. Yes.

What do you think of tWitch’s advice? Did you learn anything from him? Tell us in the comments!
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