7 Things You Should Know Before Removing Your Pubic Hair

Swimsuit season might be slowly coming to an end, but pubic hair removal is a year round task for lots of women. Some of you might be reading this and wondering, eugh, how can people bother to do that all the time? Hey, not so fast! You never know when the urge to clean up around your bits might occur.

Whether you’ve been removing a little or a lot of your pubic hair for ages or you’re just about to give it a shot, it’s aways important to know weigh your options and get some tips on the best removal methods for you. So before you pick up that razor or consider getting that wax, here are seven things you need to know before you remove your pubic hair.

Know Your Options

Shaving is the fastest, cheapest option but it can definitely lead to razor burn. Depilatories like Veet or Nair work well, but can cause irritation or burns. The results of waxing lasts longer but it is a little pricier and can also lead to ingrown hairs. Laser is a more permanent solution, but it is done with multiple sessions and it’s definitely not cheap. With a little research you’ll know exactly which method is right for you.

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Know How To Prevent Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hairs are those awful bumps that appear after you shave or wax, usually caused by irritation and infection. If you don’t properly moisturize your pubic area before shaving, use a crummy razor, shave too fast, you’re definitely more susceptible to ingrown hairs…and they suck. Like, really suck. You might feel silky smooth immediately after removing your hair, but that could all be a massive red herring. But they can be stopped! If you’re shaving, make sure to use a sharp, clean razor and assure that you’ve allowed hot water to penetrate and moisturize your skin before going at it. Whether you’re shaving or waxing, make sure that you’re wearing cotton underwear and avoid wearing tight fitting clothing Why? All that chaffing creates a warm environment in your neither regions and bacteria loves it; this leads to inflammation and—ta da—ingrown hair. Excess oil production is another culprit, leading to blocked pores that hair cannot properly grow through. Let your downstairs region breathe, girl!

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Consider Using A Razor/Trimmer Hybrid

As someone who is really low maintenance about all of this, it’s hand to have a tool that make this process as simple, straight forward and versatile as possible. That’s why I love duos like the Schick Quattro Trimstyle. The trimmer really helps speed up the process and gives you a lot more control than just shaving everything can.

Be Aware Of Different Waxing Methods

There are a few different kinds of waxing procedures. Different salons might have more options but here are the most standard selections:

Regular bikini wax: Removal of the hair right outside your panty line.

Full Bikini Wax: Removal of the hair outside your panty line and a little further in along your pubis mons. Think of it as a deeper bikini wax with a cleaner look.

French bikini wax: Removal of all of your pubic hair, save for a small strip. Nothing along the bum area is touched, unlike the…

Brazilian Bikini Wax: You’re probably most familiar with this name. This waxing style removes all your pubic hair (except for a small strip, triangle, whichever) and the hair inside your bum cheeks, too.

Hollywood Bikini wax: Literally all the pubic hair is removed, panty line, front, bum and all. Not a strip of hair left.

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You Might Experience Some Irritation

hether it’s ingrown hairs, sweatiness or itchiness down there is pretty standard after you remove your hair. Just refrain from scratching and try to sooth the area with aloe or witch hazel.

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You Don't Have To Take All Of It Off

If you just want the edges along your bikini line cleaned up a bit, do just that. You don’t have to look like a naked mole rat down there if you don’t want to!

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Only Do What You're Comfortable With

Don’t go and get a Brazillian because you think that that is what you’re supposed to do. Remove as much or as little hair that you’re comfortable with, not to conform to others. No, not even your BF/GF. It’s your body, after all, nobody elses.

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How do you usually remove your pubic hair? Do you do it at all? Tell us in the comments!


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  • mary

    i have painful burning when i pee and its makeing me sick

    • go to the doctors it might just be a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). Don’t freak its very common

      hope this helps 🙂