12 Studies About Female Orgasms That Just Might Improve Your Sex Life

Female orgasms are sort of a thing of mystery. While dudes can sit down with their hand, some lotion, and maybe some visual stimulation, and leave 20 minutes later sexually satisfied, a little sleepy, and maybe hungry, the same can’t be said for women. It takes a lot more than that to bring the the majority of women to orgasm. Despite the fact that this is common knowledge, females everywhere still feel shame and confusion as to why they can’t feel pleasure just as easily as their male significant others do, especially during intercourse.

Girls: it’s probably not your fault. Our down-there areas are complicated, and so orgasms are harder to have. That’s probably why there are so many different studies out there on female orgasms. Researchers are trying to get the bottom of what the heck is going on down there (although, according to one study, they’re not doing a great job). The result? Lots of information on achieving The Big O that may just help you to improve your sex life.

Curious about how to have an orgasm? Want to know why you’ve never had one during sexual intercourse? Read on. These 12 studies about female orgasms might help you figure some stuff out.

Which of these studies did you think was the most interesting? Do you have trouble with having an orgasm? Tell me in the comments.

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  • Anney

    Women can achieve orgasm through self pleasuring technique like masturbation also,
    Female masturbation is all about having an orgasm without the help of someone else. It can involve clitoral stimulation, or deeper penetration, often with the use if a dildo or vibrator. And as many women will agree, it’s a lot of fun! Read more about female masturbation and techniques to achieve ultimate orgasm at: http://alturl.com/2wo6v

  • Anna

    4. Ummm… Your clitoris is not IN your vagina. They are totally separate. I think they meant/should have said “vulva”

    • Anonymous

      no way never thought

    • anonymous

      Anne are u mad??? the best pleasure you can get is through your clitoris !!!! Try it!!