10 Male Celebrities Who Look Exactly Like Nickelodeon Cartoon Characters

I’m big into look alikes and doppelgangers. Every celebrity has another celebrity twin. Every person has a celeb doppelganger (who is yours?). Some celebs even look like Disney characters! Fortunately, we’re not living in The Vampire Diaries where being a doppelganger is essentially a curse.

A few weeks ago, I discovered some lady celebs who look like Nickelodeon characters. Since then, I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for male celebs who look like Nickelodeon cartoons as well, and boy did I find some good ones. Check out these 10 male celebrities who jumped straight out of some Nicktoons!

Adam Lambert and Danny Fenton from Danny Phantom

Back in the day, Adam Lambert looked a lot like Danny Fenton before he turned into a ghost with his floppy black hair.

Photo Source: WENN/Nickelodeon

Adam Lambert and Danny Phantom from Danny Phantom

And he also looked like Danny Phantom when he had gray hair. Into it.

Photo Source: WENN/Nickelodeon

Chris Parnell and Mr. Turner from The Fairly Oddparents

Not only does Chris Parnell look like Mr. Turner, he also has the same voice. Seriously.

Photo Source: WENN/Nickelodeon

Elijah Wood and Timmy Turner from The Fairly Oddparents

I imagine that when Elijah Wood was a little kid that he wore Timmy Turner's outfit.

Photo Source: WENN/Nickelodeon

Lil Wayne and Donnie Thornberry from The Wild Thornberrys

Lil Wayne also has leopard print shorts, but I don't have access to that photo. Regardless, you get the point.

Photo Source: WENN/Nickelodeon

Bill Maher and Doug Funnie from Doug

I can't unsee this ever. I think Doug just grew up to be Bill Maher.

Photo Source: WENN/Nickelodeon

Macklemore and Roger Klotz from Doug


Photo Source: WENN/Nickelodeon

Tiquan Underwood and Gerald Johanssen from Hey Arnold!

Same hair, same jersey. Did Gerald grow up to play football because I think yes.

Photo Source: WENN/Nickelodeon

Tyler Hilton and Jimmy Neutron from Jimmy Neutron

The second I saw Tyler Hilton on One Tree Hill, I immediately thought he was Jimmy Neutron. They both have such big hair. Must be full of secrets.

Photo Source: WENN/Nickelodeon

Ed Sheeran and Chuckie Finster from Rugrats


Photo Source: WENN/Nickelodeon

What do you think of these doppelgangers? Who else looks like a Nickelodeon cartoon? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Eva

    Really from Cosmo and Wanda it’s called fairly odd parents biggest fail ever

  • (:

    I have to add Michael Clifford with green hair to this, he totally looks like cosmo from cosmo&wanda 😀

  • Lissa

    I’ve had friends telling me I look like Sandra Bullock (???), Mandy Moore and Bethany Joy Lenz, but I don’t really think I have a celebrity doppelganger. I mean, the three celebs I just mentioned don’t even look similar to each other LOL.