How Can You Become More Popular?

Popularity is something that TVs and movies make look really appealing. But it always has its downfalls. Just look at Mean Girls. Being popular didn’t mean people actually liked you. In fact, it backfired because the Plastics treated everyone badly.

When you’re in high school, you’re going to gain and lose friends. You might graduate with a completely different group of friends than you started with, and that’s okay. But what does it take to be popular? Let’s see what y’all had to say:

miena asked:
“I’m currently going into 10th grade. I used to be very shy, but last year I tried to open up more, which has allowed me to make more friends, but I still feel ‘lower’ than some students. The friends I have now are great, but they are embarrassing to be with. I feel like I am holding myself back in a way. Do you guys have any ideas on ‘moving up?'”

GinaT said:
“Popularity has its own pitfalls…you suddenly have to live up to others expectations and be what they want you to be rather than who you really are. Just be yourself. That doesn’t mean you have to stay shy. It can be tough overcoming shyness, but never try to make yourself someone you are not to please others. Your friends should appreciate you for who you are. They should not be embarrassing to you.

Think of the person YOU would like to be in the next 6 months to a year, and then start taking steps to achieve that. This is probably not the answer you wanted, but you will be happier achieving your goals rather than meeting someone else’s standard.”

Zeleve said:
“Popularity isn’t really worth it in the end. You may not think so, but like Gina said, it’s best to always be yourself. You’re fine just the way you are.”

awkwardGal22 said:
“Being popular isn’t about pleasing others or having this or doing drugs or having sex. People like nice, good real people! Just be yourself, be open minded to everyone and their beliefs, smile, listen to others, be active in clubs and events, and most importantly just have fun responsibly of course!!! For me 10th grade was the last time a could not be as tied down before all the major responsibilities started to roll in. Just be friendly and you’ll be popular in no time without the pitfalls!”

taebadass said:
“You know how many people want friends who are ‘great?’ Keep the friends you have, don’t drop them for the popular crowd. You could be popular among your friends, and then if you’re a genuinely nice/friendly person and well-liked you can expand your social circle.”

I totally agree that being popular should never be your goal whether you’re in high school, middle school, college or even just in life. You should strive to be a good person who treats people well, regardless of what group of friends you’re in. If you have friends who love and care about you, who cares what other people think about them?

When I started high school, I was friends with some great girls. But I was also friends with people in other groups. I had more in common with other people than I did with my girlfriends, and we drifted apart. I found myself in the “popular” group by senior year. I didn’t see it that way because I was already pulling away from my other friends before I “moved groups” so to speak. I didn’t claw my way to the top or whatever, but I did find friends that are still my friends today, which was the most important to me.

You should never strive to be friends with people just because of the group they’re in. That’s not a good reason to be friends with someone. If you’re embarrassed by your current friends, I think that says more about you than it does about them. Having good friends is something a lot of people would be really jealous of. I can’t imagine ever feeling embarrassed by my friends because I love them.

The best advice I can give you is to always be true to yourself. Don’t ever do anything just because you think it will make people like you or because you feel like you have to do what everyone else is doing. At the end of the day, being “popular” doesn’t matter, but being a good person does.
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