7 Tips For Letting A Guy Who Won’t Give Up On You Down

Every now and then, you’ll come across someone who gives you a lot of attention. At first, you’ll be excited and appreciate being wanted. But then you’ll realize that you don’t really want the attention. Maybe it’s because you’re not interested in the person giving it. Maybe it’s because you want attention from someone else. Maybe it’s because that attention has gotten excessive and aggressive. It doesn’t matter what the reason is, really. But you need to figure out how to let this person down.

I appreciate persistence when it comes to dating. I’m pretty guarded so I need someone to convince me that they deserve my time. This can be confusing because a lot of guys think I’m playing hard to get when really I’m just playing “get away from me.” There is a difference, y’all. Anyway, if someone is really persistent, they may not give up on you even when you want them to. So how can you get rid of that unwanted attention? I’m going to tell you:

What do you think? Have you ever had to deal with someone who wouldn’t leave you alone? What did you do? Tell us in the comments!
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  • Misha Khan

    Hi…. I am 22years old lady and my story is that I had very strong feelings for a guy .we proposed each other and had been in very strong relationship for 5years .The guy was clingy to me very much.I was too emotionally attached as he loved me so much but I was feeling that I am in compromise that he loved me so I would love him too.At present ,I have completely lost all the feelings for him.I just want to get rid of him,he is not leaving me.
    What to do.I make my contact number off and after few days,when i switch on he starts texting me.I have told him many times and tried to clear him .I am just so upset.

  • marrissa

    Once my I was hanging outwith my friend shane and we were playing video games and he sccooted close to me and I paused the game and ee started kissing and so then we stopped and went in my room and then we layed down on top of each other oh and btw this happened when I was 9 im 11 now and so we pulled the covers over us andnwe started makingout and so he started unstrapping my bra and started sucking on my boobs and so we stopped and took breaths and then we started oracle making out so he did a whirley to me and put his finger up my peep and then he put his finger in his mouth and licked it and then he said hey marissa open up youre peep so I did and he put his whole peanus up my peep and it got stuck so we had to walk by my mom and dad when we had our peanusis and peeps stuck together and so lickily we just started kissing and my mom said hey why dont u to makeout so I said ok and so ee were kissing and he carried me to my room and through me down on my bed and ripped his clothes off and so he tore my clothes off and we started making out and soon we fell asleep and when we woke up I tjought there was no one there so I rolled over and we werepeanus to peep and stomache to stomache and so I started kissing him and he carried me up stairs and then we went into my moms room and hid in the closet and then since it a walk in one we hod in a really smal
    Space and we could not get out so we made out there and so we made out which seemed like 2 days and we started on the 19 and we stopped at 22 day and I couldnnt get out so I finally got out and we went umder the bed and he finally had to go home but my mom said I could stay the for over three months which was awesome so we had to sleep woth his 5 year old sister and we tjought she was asleep so we decided to makeout and she woke up so she went over to us and when we were laying down she got her brother and she made out with him and I made out with the guy o WAS dating s brother and I could tel because he was 20 and so we made out and then the next day we were drinking al day so we accually made out way to much and we made out right in front of his parents and they said marrissa you have to go makeout with youre boyfriend in his room so when we got there we humped like gorrilas as he put it and so im a real boyfriemd personso il see you in one of my next posts!!!!!!!!!