8 Things You Should Never Let Your Friends Do To You

I love my best friends, and trust them more than most people in this world. I would do anything for them… but that doesn’t mean I would let them do absolutely anything for me. When it comes to friends doing things for each other, there is a line that should never be crossed.

For example: a few years ago, one of my good friends let her best friend wax her down there for the first time ever because she didn’t want a stranger seeing her naked. Let’s just say that the BFF didn’t do a great job, and my friend was not happy. Luckily, hair grows back and stuff like this can be fixed. But it’s an important lesson that some things are just best left to professionals… or no one at all. 

Here are 8 things you should never your friends do to you no matter what. Allowing them to do this stuff will either mess up something important, or cause a rift in your friendship, or maybe even both. You’ve been warned!

Which of these things do you disagree about? What stupid thing have you let a friend do to you? What did I forget to include? Tell me in the comments.

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  • Jessica

    Wow the only black woman in any of these pictures and its on the blackmail slide. Whats up with that?

  • misha

    My bestie has a new bf n she is acting kinda weird she spends less time with me and I hate it…

  • Bibi

    I have been best friends with this girl for the last 4 years. All of a sudden she has just changed. She is always making comments about my body(weight eating habits etc) and they aren’t nice. She is always gossiping about me behind my back. She thinks she can say all this crap to my face but if I said any of that to her she wouldn’t be my friend. She is super controlling. She gets pissed if I don’t invite her to hangouts that I have with other people. She always jumps to conclusions and says I have replaced her. I don’t know whether or not to be her friend. If I shouldn’t how should I tell her she needs to stop without hurting her feelings?

    • Juls

      Hi 🙂

      That’s just my opinion but i think that some girls can be exclusive and manipulative, and this kind of girls, you should better push them back. Obviously, you feel that your friend more do more harm than good to you because she is too possessive and doesn’t let you be how you want to be. Be careful. An imperious friend can make you suffer a lot by playing with your feelings or your personal story. So, even if it is your best friend, she does not have the right to tell you what you must do, nor to judge you.

      If i was you, i would ask myself if i really want or not to keep this person in my life. If you think that you can’t stop talking to her even if she’s mean with you, you should set limits. For exemple, tell her “I love being your friend but i feel like i need to see other people, And if you cannot understand it, I fear that we can’t be friends anymore”. To set limit will probably help her to get the situation. Tell her how you feelin. The most important is to be clear, respectful and empathic.

      hope your friendships will survive!

      (im sorry if you don’t understand some things, im french so im not an english native speaker :s)

  • Ashy

    My friend who is 16 has a portfolio of over 75 piercings she has done with a 100% success rate, this includes just about every piercing there is. (Tongue, nips, lips, etc.) She’s planning to become a tattoo artist.

    Definitely tattoos you should get professionally, but piercings are pretty easy. So I’ll save my cash and have her do it. 🙂