Guy Advice: 5 Of Your Questions About Your Crush Answered

Q&AOkay, all you readers: we’re so happy that you all read and comment on all of the fun, interesting, and sometimes very controversial topics that we cover here. Truly, you guys are great! Your comments are read daily (don’t think we don’t see them), but we’ve noticed that many of your questions are going unanswered. So… we’re introducing a new feature for you all! Every week I will choose a topic that I see has gotten a lot of attention and answer a couple of your questions. I’m hoping to give you answers that not only solve your problems, but also expand how you all think about things.

Like I said, I want to help you all as best as possible, but sometimes we are not going to agree and that’s okay! I love a good dialogue, and if going back and forth with some of you can help anyone who has a question, I’m happy to do it! However, I want to note that these answers may not be the hearts and flowers that some of  you are looking for. They will be quick and to the point. These are real questions and I want to give you all real answers. So with all that being said, lets get into this weeks topic: Does he like me?


How Can I Make My Friends With Benefits Like Me?

Hey, so I’m only 16 and I met this guy who was 18. He is cool and cute and sweet and funny, but he sleeps around with a lot of girls. A week after we met, we agreed to just hook up and not catch feelings, but I think I like him. He’s sending mixed signals though. He calls me Baby and Babe and we text a lot (not as much anymore cause he’s a couple hours away working for the summer) and he has kissed me in front of our friends before too. He acts like he really cares about me, but he will randomly ignore me sometimes. And sometimes after sex he just takes me home and we don’t just hangout or talk as much anymore. Its becoming less and less about  just sex. How can I fix this? And how can I get him to actually like me?From Faith

Hi Faith,

First, I want to state that you can’t force him to like you. Changing anything about yourself in order to get anyone to like you is a no-no. You are who you are, and either he likes the real you or he doesn’t. Second, guys are very literal about everything, so if you agreed to be just hook up buddies, that’s all he’s going to think of you as, someone he hooks up with. This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t like you, but he could just like you because you guys are hooking up, nothing more. Since you know you have feelings for him, I think you should talk to him about it. Let him know how you feel. It could go two ways: he could tell you that he likes you as more than a hook up too and you guys could develop a relationship, or he could want to just stay hookup friends. Either way, talking to him about it is going to be your best bet!


Does He Like Me Or Not?

I had a guy who became my friend. He is the one that made me his friend. He smiles wen he sees me, always stares at me, but sometimes whenever he sees me around him, he tries to stay out of my sight… Is he into me or not?From Anonymous


Hi Anonymous,

I’m not sure what you mean by “he made me his friend.” Hopefully you are friends with him because you like him as a person and like spending time with him. As far as the staring and not staring part, he might like you and just does not know how to act when he sees you. Guess what? Guys are just as shy when it comes to talking to girls they like as we are with the guys we like. It’s nerve racking for everyone. My best advice would be to spend some more time with him and see more of how he acts. He might just want to be friends or he might want to be more, but you won’t find out until you get to know him a little bit better.

He Sent Me A Picture Of His Penis – Does That Mean He Likes Me?

This guy and I have been going to school together for four years now, and we only just started talking last week. We flirt a lot on Snapchat and texting. One day, he said “send me a picture of your legs,” and I did not really pay any attention, and he then said “what picture do you want me to send?” So, jokingly I said “d” for, well you know what I mean. Well, I wasn’t expecting anything because we don’t know a huge amount about each other, yet he sent me a picture of him masturbating in front of the camera close up. To be honest I was pretty shocked, but I kind of liked the guy before all of the penis pictures. What do I do? Does he like me or is he just being one of those stupid boys?From Rachel


Hey Rachel,

To start off, all men are obsessed with their penises. Seriously, they love showing it off to anyone who will look, especially through texts and Snapchats. So in that sense, yes, he is “just being a stupid boy.” Also, he probably didn’t know you were joking when you asked for that picture – he probably thought you really wanted it! If you’re not comfortable with that, you can tell him to stop, but for the future, don’t joke around in that way with someone you don’t know very well. So, does his sexting mean he likes you? It’s hard to tell. A lot of guys will sext with girls they aren’t interested in simply because they want naked pictures. The next time he texts you, ask if he wants to hang out (not in one of your bedrooms). If he wants to go on a date, that’s a good sign. If all he wants is some more pics, that could mean he’s only interested in hooking up.


He Always Stares At Me – Does He Like Me?

Every time I stare at this guy, I catch him staring at me too, but then he looks away quickly. Some of his friends say that he doesn’t like me anymore (he used to like me), but I don’t believe them because he’s always staring at me. Does he like me or not?From Amy


Hi Amy,

Staring boys are super annoying. You can’t tell if they “like like” you, if they just think you’re pretty, or if they’re not actually looking at you at all. All scenarios are confusing. He could like you; guys don’t usually know how to communicate their feelings. They would rather stare at you from across the room instead of just telling you. I would try and make a joke out of it with him. Tell him, when he’s alone, not in front of his friends, that you’ve caught him staring and ask what’s the deal? Be super nice about it and see what he says. He could very well like you, and is just too shy to say anything.


I Told Him He Liked Me, But He Didn’t Say He Liked Me Back

I told a guy I like him over text and he replied that he kind of already knew and he wasn’t sure exactly what to say, and then he said thank you for being honest. He is really flirty in person and over texts, so I mean, I didn’t just tell him because there were no signs he liked me back. So does he like me and he’s too shy to say? Is he not sure? Is he trying to let me down easy? HELP!From Hope

Hi Hope,

You started off on the right foot. Letting someone know you like them is half the battle, so a high five to you for being upfront with him! While it’s possible that he likes you back, to be honest, it doesn’t sound too promising. If a guy likes a girl, he’ll probably say more than “thank you” when she confesses her feelings for him. When he said he wasn’t sure what to say back, that could have been his way of nicely rejecting you. If you’re super confused, just ask him what the deal is. If he doesn’t give a yes or a no the next time, move on. He’s clearly confused.


Did these answers help? Do you have more questions about guys? Let me know in the comments below your question could be next! 


How Do I Deal When My Crush Is Super Awkward?

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  • Ala


    So, I’ve had a crush on this guy I’ve been talking to for months now. At first everything went well until my jealous friend, well, ex friend now, found out that I liked him and decided to lie to his face and tell him that I have a boyfriend because she liked him too. I tried to sort things out with him after that but he blocked me on every social media platform and I tried to talk to him in person but my ex friend keeps running up to him and flirting with him whenever she sees me try to talk to him. I eventually got someone I met who also knew him to talk to him into unblocking me on social media to talk to me and he did. But he also keeps ignoring me on every social media platform and tells me it’s because I’m annoying but he refuses to talk about it to sort things out. He always tells me that I ask him too many questions and refuses to answer my questions. We’ve only ever talked online and video called a couple times but he keeps asking for revealing pictures and asks me things like ‘What colour bra and underwear are you wearing?’ ‘Have you ever had sex?’ ‘Have you ever given heads?’ and he’s even thinking of meeting up somewhere to ‘do it’ with me. He always tries to make these ‘deals’ with me where if I want to know something, I have to show him a revealing picture which I refuse to do but then he starts calling me annoying and says that I have to do what I am told if I want answers. I keep having second thoughts about him because of this. I’ve asked him a couple times if we can just talk as normal people for once and he keeps saying no. Help please!! I really need answers on this.

  • Anonymous

    Ok so this guy I like but I haven’t met up with him (probably never going to happen)
    Am I being paranoid?
    Here are the signs (texting)
    – he said I’m smiling at you when I complemented his smile on DM
    – he said I’ll sing for you, I can sing
    – he said madam to me
    – give sent a blowing kiss emoji when I complimented him
    – he remembered something I said ages ago, I was happy he remembered

    Bad signs (texting)
    – he said you’ll be my n (texting, funny way and I’m not African American)
    – he replies sometimes with one word
    – he didn’t follow me on social media
    – I followed him before and now I don’t
    – I’m the only one texting him

  • Melissa

    I have a drunken 1 night stand with a guy I’ve know for a few years..he messaged me and told me he enjoyed cuddling me after cause after the 1 night stand we cuddled in I told him that we should do it again some time and he the next night he came down we watched a movie and we went to bed together..we had sex but before we had sex he said to me that his penis is all mine..I dunno what that could mean that it was mine for them nights or it could me mine altogether..he was calling me baby and babe (which I don’t really like..but didn’t say anything) what could this mean..I think he does like me in some sort of when we were in bed after drink sex the first night he actually couldn’t believe he was in bed with me..I think I’m starting to like this guy but I dunno if he likes me in the same way..

  • I’m not saying

    So I have this crush and it’s the biggest crush I’ve ever had. Him and I have been texting for a few days he wants nudes but doesn’t want to go out

  • April Halverson

    Hi I’m 14 years old and I have a crush but he didn’t say that he doesn’t like me is it OK for me to send a picture of my breast to see if he likes me likes me

  • Ashley

    Hi this is ashley. Me and this guy have been texting on and off since November. He gets jealous when I talk to or play games with other guys at parties, and once I took a picture with another guy and he said to me “you’re cheeks look a little red, you should probably take a few deep breaths”. When my best friend asked if he liked me he avoided the question and said “I don’t want a relationship”. He always stares at me. Sometimes he acts like he’s cooler than me and he ignores me. He always snapchats me and texts me. And just today he snapchatted me back and said “nice tie dye fag”. Based on the info I gave you does he like me? Or not?

    Confused girl.

  • Anonymous

    I really like this guy and I often catch him just looking at me. He snapchats me everyday even though I only see him once a week and I am one of few he has a streak with. However, if I ask jokingly if he likes me he says “eww”, not no. What does that mean? Also, if I just got out the shower sometimes I’ll snapchat a pic of myself neck up. I never show anything else, but he says to stop since he thinks they are weird. What does that mean?

  • Anonymous

    I really like a guy n I admitted to him that I lyk u …we talked over about 1 n a half month ..he also strtd to lyk me ..but all of sudden I made him my brother.. He got frustrated and strtd to ignore me …one day his frnd txtd me saying that he is that guy …he asked me if I lyk him I said yes we got cmmttd then we broke up he refuses it wasn’t him …n says m still the same as ur brother n I don’t want him as my brother… When I asked his frnd he said it was him who was talking to u …m really getting confused what to do nxt….??

  • Whatsgoingon

    I can’t take him seriously?

    So this guy that I’ve recently met online – we’ve been talking for the past few days. But the first day after we called (and it was a pretty good call. He was funny and cute) he messaged me at like 2 am with just a heart emoji. I woke up that morning and saw it and I was so confused. I directly asked him what this was about, since I don’t move that fast. He then said ‘it’s just satirical humor’ (there is no satire in that, he used the wrong word in the wrong context) and that I ‘shouldn’t take him seriously.’ I just said okay, that’s fine.

    A few hours ago, he was calling me bubsie, (a nickname used by a gramps to call gram) and babe in two messages straight. Then he typed ‘ily fam (family) <3'.

    I'm just so confused as to what he's trying to get at here, so please help! He keeps saying not to take him seriously unless he tells me to, but I'm not sure that all this is a joke!

  • Kerynsa

    okay so I have an ex and I kind of like him still…. basically he is calling me babe and says he loves me why do i feel like he is joking?

  • unknown

    Ok, so my friend was talking to this boy on snapchat and she sent a picture of me and he added me on snapchat and we have been flirting and messing around a lot, and he calls me his and says that he is all mine a lot and he said that he wants to see me next time he comes down to where i am, but I don’t know if he actually likes me or if he is only messing around with me because he asks me for nudes and also sends me nudes

    • Anonymous

      Well I know a guy can like you and want nudes but if he keeps pushing abd you say no he may not respect you so that’s not a good sign to date anyways.

  • Anonymous

    What does it mean when a guy says don’t worry about liking me anymore??

  • Andrea

    You guys are me new OTP

  • Kk

    I like this guy and he is always talking to me and staring at me and one day he danced with me at my school dance. So everyone tells me he likes me back, but i text him and ask him and he says i am pretty and smart and funny, but he only half likes me. I responded ya me too even though i REALLY like him. How do i know if he is really into me?????

  • anynonym

    Okay, so there is this guy who goes to my school. He told me yesterday that he has liked me for a while. I kinda like him to but im not really sure if he really likes me. See everyone tells me i have huge boobs for my age & everytime me & him text its all he talks about. Like one day he asked me for nudes & i was like no & he said okay but he kept talking about how he wanted to fuck me. He is a really nice guy though, he has a good heart, he cute, & he always telling my how beautiful i am or how my eyes are so pretty. I just dont know .

  • JKJ

    Hi, so I’m 15 turning 16 in September, and a few weeks ago, I was at this party thing with maybe 7 friends.. No big deal, it was fun. But this guy who I went to school with was there.. And I admit I liked him since awhile back. And we recently started talking like… Talking talking, and we sent pics back and forth a few times. And it got late so we all decided to play manhunt.. XD.. Good idea right? Well after a few rounds some people went home so it was just me and the guy on a team… He hid with me and he asked “Can I try something, and promise you won’t freak out” I said sure, and he kissed me.. A round or two after that we were hiding again, and things got intense… We didn’t have sex.. But it was close, and I was so happy, I thought “oh my goodness.. He finally likes me” so the next day over Facebook, I talk to him.. And I bring up what we did.. And he said “Don’t worry we’re still friends”… Does this mean he just wants to be friends with benefits? And if so… What do I do? I want a relationship with him.. But after that.. I don’t even know..

  • Andrea

    So, it’s kind of complicated…
    My ex boyfriend and I, after a few months of breaking up, decided to become Friends with Benefits, I’m a virgin and I don’t really want to have sex with him…
    Anyway, he’s always asking me for ‘sexy’ pictures and it’s just plain annoying… Sometimes he’ll be all sweet, but most of the time he’s just asking for that kind of stuff.
    He calls me Babe, and sometimes I’m under the impression that he still has feelings for me… Should I just call this deal ‘quits’??