True&Co Is The Easiest Way To Find Bras That Fit From Home

trueandcoA few weeks ago, I read an article about a new company called True&Co on our sister site, The Gloss. As someone who is always on the hunt for the perfect bra, I was immediately intrigued. Here’s what I found out: True&Co has you take an online “test” to figure out what your correct bra size is. Once that test is done, they give you your size, and then offer you a bunch of different bras that they think will work for you. You pick what you like and want to try, and order them. It’s as simple as that!

I was so intrigued by this new way of bra shopping that I got in touch with the company so that I could try it out myself. Because, I mean, who really enjoys bra fittings? You’re standing there, naked (or at least in your bra), in front of a complete stranger who is touching your boobs and making awkward small talk. It’s just not that fun.

But just because it’s not fun doesn’t mean it’s also not necessary. It’s really important for every girl to wear a properly fitted bra. Not only is the wrong size bra uncomfortable, it’s also just bad for your boobs and your general health. Unfortunately, studies have shown that the majority of women are wearing the wrong bra size. This is because women are either getting incorrect fittings (cough cough Victoria’s Secret cough cough), or because they’re too embarrassed to get a fitting.

That’s where True&Co comes in. It’s hard to say no to a bra fitting when you can get it done from the comfort of your own bedroom while also not having to take your clothes off. Want to know how it works? Read on.

Simply go to the True&Co website, and start by taking the quiz. You’ll be asked a series of questions that are not difficult to answer at all. The coolest thing is that each time you answer, a little piece of advice, a tip, or a fact pops up at the bottom of the screen.

But how can they figure out your size just by looking at the answers to a handful of questions? True&Co uses something called TrueSpectrum to get answers. It’s based on 500,000 women who have shared fit results with the company over two years. This helped True&Co identify 6,000 body types, along with a spectrum of shapes.



Once you’re done with the quiz, a page full of shiny new bra options will pop up. Mine included three different categories: New Sizes, Fits Like Your Size, and Easy Fit. The New Sizes are different sizes that are supposed to fix the bra fit issues I’m currently having. My new sizes were surprising to me – they were pretty different from what I’ve been wearing from Victoria’s Secret.

Now it’s time for the fun part: finding the bras that you want to try. I was given plenty of options, and I saw a lot of different bras I normally never would have tried at the store. True&Co carries a lot of different brands like Calvin Klein, DKNY, Kensie, Betsey Johnson, Splendid and more, so there is a lot to choose from, and pricing varies depending on what bra you want.

Overwhelmed by your selection and have no idea what to pick? No worries, True&Co has a solution for that. Instead of buying bras right away, you can try their free at-home try-on service. You choose up to five bras, which you can try on at home. Send back what you didn’t like, and you’ll only get charged for what you choose to keep. It’s free shipping and free returns, so this literally could not be more convenient.

How was my experience? After taking the quiz and finding out that I’m wearing the wrong bra size, I received two bras to try out from True&Co. One was a black Calvin Klein bra that I absolutely love. It’s super comfortable, and it’s my new favorite everyday bra. I’ll admit, I was skeptical that the new size would fit – but as soon as I put it on, it was obvious that this is the size I probably should be wearing.

I also received a Uniform unlined bra that was in a size I never would have considered otherwise. I’m not a huge fan of unlined bras, so I wasn’t in love with this one. But I like that I now have two bras I never would have bought myself. It’s opened my eyes to the different options that are out there. Oh, and did I mention that I also got a pair of insanely comfortable Uniform Easy-Fit lounge pants? Because I did, and they’re incredible. Everyone needs a pair immediately.

The verdict? I was really happy with True&Co. Although I saw some girls comment on The Gloss post saying that the site didn’t support their size, I thought that everything there was pretty diverse. Personally, I found so many options, and the bras I got fit really well. I think the at-home try-on box is a genius idea, and I love that the site also offers lounge-wear, shape-wear, and underwear, among other things. I also love that this site is making it so easy for girls to find out their correct bra size – it’s such an important thing, and it’s great that this is so accessible.

So, if you have a feeling that you’re wearing the wrong bra size, and you want to check out your options, I highly recommend True&Co. If you try it, please let me know what you think in the comments below!

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  • Alison Sunshine


  • Elizabeth

    I think this site is pretty cool–it told me the problems I was having and how to fix them. However, a lot of the items are very overpriced. I’m sure the quality is great, and $40 isn’t that bad for a nice, really really nice bra, but a lot of the lounge/sleepwear is just TOO expensive!

  • Jen97

    *sigh* “sorry the size you entered is outside of our current size range!”
    Is there really that small of a market for fuller busted women? I don’t understand why so many places don’t carry above a DD cup. Especially a place that specializes in bras, like this one. This makes me feel really not good about myself :/

  • Brie

    I took that whole quiz just to be let down with “you’ll be most comfortable in a size thats outside of our supported range.”

  • Static

    And yet again, my super oversized boobs let me down and made me unable to try something that sounds like a dream come true. Yaaaaaaaaaaaay

    • Jessica Booth

      Oh no 🙁 They didn’t have your size?

      • Static

        They didn’t. It is as if stores don’t believe that a woman with my proportions exists! It is very upsetting x.x

    • Brie

      Me too. ):

  • Hailey

    I did the quiz and it just told me that I’m wearing the right bra size, which surprised me since I’ve never been fitted before.

  • airenlove

    I definitely have to try this site ! Thanks for awesome info !