15 Fun Hairstyle Ideas For Short Natural Hair

Every time I write about natural hair, I receive a comment or two from young women who are thinking about going natural or who want to do the big chop (cutting off all of their chemically straightened hair). I say, go for it! It’s a great way to familiarize yourself with your roots…literally, the roots of your hair and the amazing texture that it sprouts. But it’s easy to get discouraged from taking that leap when the natural hair community has such a strong fixation with long natural hair.

Listen, length isn’t the only thing that makes natural hair beautiful, okay? Not everyone can or wants to have long hair, and that’s okay. But it’s hard to feel a sense of pride about your short hair when all of the most popular natural hair bloggers and vloggers have very long, thick hair. Finding hair tutorials and cute style options when you don’t have natural hair reaching your shoulders shouldn’t be a hassle. Instead of trying to find the secret to hair growth, embrace your short, natural hair and find fun ways to rock it with these 15 hairstyles for short natural hair. You won’t be disappointed!

1) Embrace headgear like hats and bandanas for an effortless look. This is especially handy if you’re in a rush!

twa hair accessories natural



2) Create a side part side part by parting freshly washed hair, applying some firm hold gel and clipping the hair on each side of the part. Blow dry until the part holds. Easy peasy!

solange side part natural hair




3) Rock some twists on one side or both sides of your head and leave the rest of your hair loose or coiled.

twa short natural hair braided twists




4) Use a brightly colored head wrap to add a lil somethin’ to your little curls. Sometimes, less is more.

scarf wrap twa hairstyle



5) Cover your head in bantu knots! Consider going to a professional stylist to get it done if you want to make sure that each knot is even. As you can see, this isn’t just a way to get a great twist out overnight; it’s a fun, edgy look that looks great when you wear it out, too!

bantu knots natural hair



6) Or try some chunkier bantu knots for a more carefree protective style.

chunky bantu knots natural hair


7) Dye it! If you really want to livin up your curls, this is the way to go. Whether you go auburn or pastel pink, this is arguably the most fun way to rock a teenie weenie fro.

dyed short natural hair twa



8) Try a French roll if your hair is in a weird space between short and medium length. 

natural hair french roll



9) Get a mohawk! Make sure you’re willing to commit to having the sides shaved off, of course, before you rock this guaranteed badass hairstyle.

twa mohawk natural hair


10) Get the coiled look by curling your hair with rollers without combing it out. After you’re over that look, feel free to comb it out a day or two later. This is a great way to prevent your freshly washed hair from getting worn out and tired too quickly.

JASMINE /  kristina@mgmt-models.com /  212 584 4066

11) Get an asymmetrical look and blow everyone away. Seriously, how rad is this idea? All you need is some good hair gel and a heaping helping of confidence and you’re good to go.

asymmetrical natural hair short


12) A high top hairstyle is a fun, stylish throwback to the ’80s and ’90s. It’s also a great, safe alternative to an ultra edgy asymmetrical look or a mohawk.

high top fade natural hair black women



14) Accessorize with metal headbands and chains, from chunky chain mail to more delicate looking accent pieces.

twa hairstyles headband



15) Just get a buzz cut and wear your hair ultra short. This is a brave move but it can look absolutely stunning! I mean, you’ve seen Lupita, right?

natural hair black women shaved twa


15) Accessorize outside of your scalp! Earrings, statement necklaces and other accessories can play nicely against a very short cut. Take advantage of the fact that your hair isn’t going to hide anything!

twa natural hair short earrings accessories





Do you have very short natural hair? How do you like to style you hair? Are you thinking about going natural or getting the big chop? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Just Me!

    I find “soft” to be an unnecessary distinction, Anonynmous One.

  • FromTokyo

    “Natural hair” typically refers to black women with hair that isn’t processed by relaxers. Don’t know how you missed this since that is what “natural hair” has been referred to as for DECADES. The distinction is made for a very important and necessary reason.

    You don’t have to factor into everything, you know. smh

  • agoodwin4@gmailcom

    The source of the Bantu knot pic is BeadsByaree.com ??

  • Vic Damoses

    Hello, I am writing you to compliment you on the beautiful styles that you’ve compiled here and also to reference pic #9. I’m the original photographer of that image and my watermark was cropped out. It’s not your fault due to the fact that the pinterest user committed the act, my girlfriend who is the model pictured brought it to my attention. I would just like credit for my work. This is the original image https://flic.kr/p/n9S9Bf. Thank you for your attention to this matter. If you’ve got any questions feel free to reach me at damosesis@gmail.com

  • Alexis

    I’m definitely encouraged by this ideas and plan to do a big chop pretty soon. I tend to wear my hair short anyway and want to go natural without having a lengthy transition period while having to grow out my hair. I was afraid of having it super short and seeing it natural for the first time, but I’m more excited now to see the results. Half relaxed, half natural is no fun.

    Oh and anonymous, there is definitely no offense meant here. “Going natural” is something used for women of color who have used relaxers (perms that straighten hair) for years…and want to go back to what God originally gave them. It says nothing of our hair being more natural than anyone else’s. It’s more about us embracing what truly grows on our heads, instead of trying to make it be something it isnt naturally. And we all have different reasons for doing it I’m sure.

  • Anonymous

    I love all the diversity on Gurl.com, and really enjoy being more educated on different cultures and skin colors. Unfortunately though, I did find the name of this article really offensive. How would you honestly feel if you found an article titled “15 Hairstyle Ideas For Short Natural Hair” and then see that it’s only for black ladies. I might be ranting a little at this point, but I’m pretty sure that my short soft blond hair is just as natural as yours! And I’d like some hairstyle ideas too.

  • kay

    Thank you Ashley for bringing diversity to gurl.

  • Asia

    I love this article! Beautiful women with gorgeous hair.
    I went natural about 3 years ago and I wish something like this was on gurl back then!