10 Thoughts You’ll Have The First Time You’re Naked In Front Of Someone

Remember that scene in The Notebook when Noah and Allie slowly undress in front of each other and it’s, like, really awkward? Well, getting naked in front of someone for the first time IS awkward. Sometimes being in front of yourself naked is awkward because you’re seeing all your curves and all your edges, as John Legend would say. But at least when you’re naked by yourself, you’re the only one seeing you.

When someone else sees you naked, you’re worrying about how you feel about yourself and what the other person is seeing. You’re probably thinking about something that the other person would never notice in a million years, but you’re convinced they’re noticing it now. You’re worried about everything, and you just feel so… exposed. It gets easier, I promise! But the first time you get naked in front of someone, you’ll probably have these 10 thoughts:

1. Alrighty, so are we like alternating clothes?

You go first. No, really. You go first.

2. OMG I’m stuck.

A little help, please?

3. Well… this is me.


4. Why are they looking at me like that?

What? What is that look?!

5. Did they notice [insert insecurity of choice here]?

OMG can they see that weird birthmark I have?

6. It’s a little chilly…

Erm… so those blankets over there look nice.

7. I hope my boobs look okay.

They’re totally uneven, I hope they can’t tell.

8. So…

9. Did I shave my legs?

Oh no, I think I missed a spot.

10. Well this has been sufficiently awkward.


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Next time won’t be as weird, right?
What thoughts have you had while naked in front of someone for the first time? Was it weird for you? Tell us in the comments!
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