Quiz: What Movie Genre Are You?

What type of movie genre are you?

What type of movie genre are you?

Watching movies is an American past time. There is nothing we love more then heading out to our local theater and seeing the new “It” film of the week. We go to the movies for dates, with friends, and even with our parents (during the daytime only, of course). We love to watch our favorite characters fall in love, save the day, and in some cases fall to a horrible death. Watching a movie allows us to escape our everyday lives for a couple of hours and get lost in the world of film.

Have you ever wondered what type of movie genre you are? Do you love the idea of falling in love? Are you a sucker for a save the polar bears documentary? Or do you think it’s so cool to watch something explode? Well wait no longer! Take our quiz and find out which movie genre you are.




Which movie genre do you relate to more? Are there other genres that you like? Let us know in the comments below!


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