25 Important Life Lessons We Learned From Harry Potter

Today is Daniel Radcliffe’s 25th birthday! Dan Rad (we’re close) is one of my favorite people ever. Seriously, I love him so much. Yes, it’s partially because he IS Harry Potter. I mean, HP changed my life so I owe it a lot, and I owe Daniel a lot for bringing that character to life.

While the actor is having tremendous success in other acting ventures, I still can’t separate him from Harry. I enjoy watching him in his new projects, but to me and to many Potterheads, he will always be The Boy Who Lived. In honor of Daniel’s 25th birthday, here are 25 life lessons we learned from Harry Potter:

1. Be adventurous.

You need to get out of your comfort zone and do stuff!

2. Don’t be afraid to be confident.

Confidence is key, y’all.

3. It’s normal to feel insecure sometimes though, too.

Everyone has those days.

4. Don’t play with fire.

Generally, this is a good rule.

5. Dance!

Get your groove on whether you’re alone or with a friend.

6. Be encouraging.

Give your friends a little boost of confidence when they need it.

7. Treasure snail mail.

Getting letters in the mail is one of the best feelings. Send your friends handwritten notes every once in a while!

8. Don’t worry about what other people think.

The only opinion that really matters is the opinion you have about yourself.

9. Home is where the heart is.

Home doesn’t have to be your actual house. It’s where you feel most comfortable.

10. Don’t tell lies.

Just don’t.

11. Put yourself out there and meet new people.

That’s how you make new friends!

12. It’s okay to be angry.

Anger is a normal and healthy emotion to have.

13. Be patient.

Patience really is a virtue, I promise.

14. Make moves.

Don’t be afraid to make a move on your crush!

15. Embarrassing things happen to everyone.

Everyone trips, falls and spills things on themselves. You’re not the only one.

16. It’s okay to tell your friends what you think about their significant others.

They might not like what you have to say, but sometimes you need to say it.

17. There’s no shame in asking for help or support.

Asking for help is hard, but there is nothing wrong with asking for it!

18. Take a bath.

Baths are life-changing.

19. Master a good eye roll.

It’s a very important skill in life.

20. Tell it like it is.

If one of your friends keeps talking about that thing you don’t care about, it’s cool to let them know.

21. Spend time with your friends.

Don’t take that time for granted!

22. Everyone doubts themselves.

You CAN do it, but it’s okay if you think you can’t.

23. Be grateful.

For presents, for life, for everything.

24. Spend time with yourself.

Take time to get to know yourself and figure out what you really want and who you really are!

25. Have some sass in your back pocket.

You never know when you’ll need it.

Bless you, you magnificent man.
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  • Sabrina

    I like number 8, Don’t worry about what other people think.

  • Taylor

    I love this post!