Kat Graham Dishes On Style, Confidence And Being Yourself

Seriously, how cute is Kat?!

Seriously, how cute is Kat?!

Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting one of my favorite celebrities: Kat Graham! This triple threat is the new face of Foster Grant, the original American sunglasses brand. We attended their 85th Anniversary party at The Gansevoort Park in New York and got to hang out with Kat for the night!

You know Kat from The Vampire Diaries and her music, but I was excited to sit down with her and get some deets on her as a person. When she’s not kicking butt on TVD, she’s planning her wedding to fiance Cottrell Guidry and saving the world. No, seriously. Kat works with UNHC.org, or The UN Refugee Agency, in providing support for refugees in war-torn countries.

Kat is one of those celebrities who seems to always be doing positive things whether it’s through her humanitarian efforts or being unapologetically herself. She’s got her stuff together and is definitely someone I look up to. Read on to find out why you should look up to her too:

Kat on style:
For me, a huge form of expression is my fashion so I feel really confident when I feel like I’m wearing something I feel like I identify with, which is why Foster Grant is so important to me because glasses are, sunglasses specifically, they frame your face. So they’re giving a certain energy out and you can be who you want to be within them. So they’re a part of that, kind of, silent communication that you’re giving to the world.

Kat on being confident:
How to be more confident? That is a hard question because I’m still figuring it out myself. There are some days where I’m like, “Gosh, I… I don’t feel very good. I don’t feel like myself. I feel like I could look better or my acting could have been better or my singing” and I get insecure just like everyone else. Um, I guess, just really accepting yourself. Other people have different things that they do, whether they’re writers, or they are artists or designers or even teachers, you know, just really, just be. Just be who you are. Even if it’s different. And then maybe go to the supermarket in your pajamas. When in doubt, just go in a onesie. And say, “I don’t care what any of you think!”

We snagged some fun selfies with Kat and Teen.com editor, Kaitlin Cubria!

We snagged some fun selfies with Kat and Teen.com editor, Kaitlin Cubria!

Kat on friendship:
You know, I was never like my friends. Nina, Candace and I are nothing alike. We could not wear the same clothes. At all. But we are best friends. And there is sometimes this unspoken rule that you have to be just like your girlfriends. We couldn’t be more different. You know, Nina’s like “Oh yeah I was on this moped in Bali and blah, blah, blah, blah” and I’m like “Oh yeah, no. That’s, I would never do that.” You know, and Candice will have tea parties and you know, like I’m off in a refugee camp. We’re all so different in how we explore the world and how we do different things. And in a lot of ways they’re better than me at things and there’s things that I’m pretty good at so I think just accepting your friends is also a huge thing. Accepting and celebrating each other’s differences will also help you feel more confident.

Kat on finding your place in the world:
Realizing your full power and realizing that everything you say and that you do can actually in turn have a really positive affect on someone’s life. And if you go visit like a children’s hospital or if you’re into like The Humane Society, or like Ian is into the United Nation’s environmental program and his ISF thing that people can get involved in. Whatever you are, just dedicate a little bit, just a little bit of time to educate yourself, whether it’s like my stuff as a UNHC.org or whatever it is, you see people that are in, uh, a different position than you. That helps you feel like, “You know what? They don’t have what I have. And they’re doing more with what they have than what I’m doing.” And it kind of forces you to look at yourself and to say, you know what? I’m capable. So I encourage all my fans, which they seem to be doing, to really find their passion. It doesn’t have to be what Ian and I are passionate about. Find something that, that speaks to you and where you’re from.

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