Would You Rather: Weird Bra Scenarios

Which weird bra scenarios would you rather deal with? | Source: Austin Powers

Which weird bra scenarios would you rather deal with? | Source: Austin Powers

For some of us, bras are a necessary evil. When you find one that fits perfectly, it’s brill. When you’re stuck with a bra that cuts into odd places, can’t stay on your shoulders and gives you awful boob overhang, it’s as if some other worldly force is purposely giving you hell.

But bras can be a little magical in their own, weird, awful ways. Hey, they’re a great makeshift pocket for your money or metro card. And the right sizing can make your boobs look amazing. So really, bras are a bit of a toss up. But what if instead of your bra being annoying or body changing, it was just, well, weird.

That’s where you come in! It’s time to play Would You Rather. This time around, you’re going to choose between some wacky bra scenarios. Decide which situation you’d rather deal with!


Have you ever had an embarrassing bra moment? Do you keep anything in your bra for safe keeping? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Arabella

    Lol a bra that plays tunes? No need to use your bra as something to hold your phone when you listen to music-The bra plays its own music for you! XD.

  • Lauren

    Bra that shoots fire when you’re turned on? Hell yes. Where can I get one of these?

  • Nina

    I want the baby mouse!! Not only cute but he can eat the crumbs that always fall down into my shirt 🙂

  • Trish

    Once upon a time, under the “bome” (boob home), a sponge named Stephan King lived under a pineapple. I can say no more.

  • The traveler

    3: I would totally take the bat so that I could unleash it on unsuspecting people and laugh until I cry watching their confused freakout.