Can You Get An STD If You’re A Virgin?

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I was just wondering, if you and your partner are both virgins, could either of us catch an STI or STD from oral sex? I probably should have considered this before, and I will in the future, but I’m just wondering what the chances are.

A common myth about sexually transmitted diseases is that you can only get them from having penetrative sex (i.e. the penis going into the vagina). That’s not true! You can contract an STD or STI by having oral sex also. Many people think it’s safe, so most people don’t use condoms when giving or receiving oral sex, making it super risky.

The sexually transmitted diseases that can be transmitted via oral sex include HIV, herpes, syphilis, gonorrhea, HPV, and viral hepatitis. And, yes, you can get those even if you’re a virgin. If you’re a virgin who has fooled around with someone with one of those STDs, then you can get the STD via oral sex.

But if you’re both virgins who have never fooled around with anyone else but each other, and neither of you have an STD or STI, then you’re not going to contract an STD from having oral sex together… or penetrative sex. Usually, in order to get an STD, you have to come in sexual contact with someone who already has it. And if you’ve both been tested, and the results were clean, you won’t get anything from each other.

However, keep in mind that there are ways you can contract an STD that don’t include sex. The herpes virus can be spread through kissing, touching, even dry humping, if there are open sores visible. While it’s possible to get an STD from a toilet seat, it’s extremely rare. You can also get an STD from indirect objects, like a damp towel, or infected wax when getting a Brazilian if your wax place is not sanitary. So, yes, it’s possible to get an STD as a virgin. It’s unlikely that will it happen, but it’s not impossible.

If you’re worried, you and your BF can get tested to see if you have anything. But if you’re both virgins who have only been with each other, I’m going to say you’re probably okay. It never hurts to check things out, though! And remember – always use condoms!

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  • K

    You can also get an STD from blood, if someone else’s blood came in contact with an open wound or blood donation — however, doctors today are careful to check if their donors have STDs, so getting an STD from a blood donation is unlikely today. You could also get an STD from sharing needles, razors, etc.

  • Ella Embry

    This is one of the reasons why I am waiting until marriage to be sexually active.