7 Tips On How To Deal When Your Best Friends Are Fighting

Alert! Friends fight. If you’ve ever been friends with two or more girls, there is undoubtably going to be something that is going to pop the big, pink lovable friendship bubble. A disagreement, a tiff, a she said/she said moment… it might even reach WWIII territory at times. Do not be alarmed if your friends sometimes get into it, it’s completely normal and it will usually work itself out with a quick “I’m sorry,” and a trip to the mall.

However, what if your friends get into a HUGE fight and things get ugly fast? I’m talking about BFF bashing, when friends start to talk badly each other because they are upset. The behind the back comments start off slow: “Ugh I can’t believe she said that!” or “She’s so wrong and you know it!” But before you know it, the harmless words start to become mean: “I lied when she asked if I liked her skirt…” and “Her crush doesn’t even like her.” Next thing you know, you are stuck in the middle and have no clue how to stop the bashing and get your friends back to happier times. If you’ve ever been in this situation, then here are seven ways to deal when your friends start to bash each other. 

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