15 Things That Should Be Taught In Sex Education

It’s no secret that sex education classes typically aren’t the best places to learn what you really need to know about sex. I took my sex ed class in a Catholic middle school, where we were taught that sex before marriage was wrong, and that masturbation could send us to hell. It was terrible. In fact, I don’t think I know anyone who has had a really positive sex ed experience.

That’s really sad! Sex is a huge part of life, and sex education is incredibly important. Do you have any idea how many sex questions we get from you guys every day about the most basic things that everyone should know? I’m not saying it’s your fault that you don’t know these things – it’s because a great sex ed course is really hard to come by. If we don’t have good sex education, how can we expect people to know how to prevent pregnancy or avoid STDs?

I feel pretty strongly about this subject, so obviously I loved this Ask Reddit thread that I saw today. It’s about things we wish we learned in sex ed. Any questions you might have about sexy times might just be answered right now. Here are 15 things that should be taught in sex ed:

How was your sex education experience? What did you wish you had learned? What did you never learn? Tell me in the comments!

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  • Matthew accurso

    My sex education was laughably bad, they didnt say anything, just that we would get down there hair and that occasionly we would bleed from embarasing places, thats it nothing else, no information on what the hell sex actually was or anything like that it was astoundly stupid and nobody
    LEarned anything they didnt already know

  • Meln

    I found this when trying to find info on how and what to talk to my daughters about that I wish I was taught in sex ed. Not once was the clitoris mentioned, that women masturbate too, that women can have wet dreams too even if not as messy as the boy’s, and that women have orgasms too. They should be teaching better female anatomy that includes the clitoris and the science of the female orgasm. I’ve read that there is a push to teach pleasure in sex, but it seems that that push is really about teaching about female orgasms. They already teach the science behind male orgasms, including female orgasms is not really teaching pleasure, but giving equal instruction to female bodies.

  • Lulu

    I think they should teach us these things at my school. At my school, the health teachers act extremely condescending in a manner where it’s like “None of you *should* have sex until marriage” but legally they can’t teach us to be abstinent (thank God for that). They also show graphic pictures of STDs and most of the lessons are catered to the male sex organs. They never really teach us about female sex organs unless we’re separated into “boy-girl” groups. It’s awful.

  • Goosiemoo

    It is really sad to say that sex Ed isn’t what it should be. I remember I had health Ed every fortnight where most of the classes pushed we would get chlamydia if we don’t use a condom. Being an all girl catholic school made it very interesting as the teacher didn’t believe in abstinence as she was our relationship counsellor as well. That being said, I do believe there is not enough discretion in sex Ed classes as i remember girls would write notes to one another to ask the teacher questions as they didn’t want to be the one who asks about a certain “miss is it true…” question and be picked on as the girl who didn’t know about blood clots in periods or the girl who may have throat gonorrhoea.

  • Kailey

    Honestly, ive been to many schools and they all teach the stuff you mentioned here. They dont preach abstinence, but they do remind.us that abstaining is 100% std/pregnancy free. I dont think that schools should talk about masturbation because i feel that would be more of a private topic, like talking about sex positions. even though it may be helpful, its not necessary.

  • Static

    I think they should just take it out of school because not only do they NOT teach ANYTHING even remotely important, it is damaging to those who do listen. The worst thing I probably ever did was listen. Not only did everyone who came out of the class end up still being completely uneducated about things and some end up being “statistics”, but I ended up being scarred for life. 4-5 years later, because of all of the horrors they described and their constant preaching about abstinence, I am still afraid of men and sex. They just made it seem like men are all monsters and sex is the worst thing you can ever do, and it was not even a religious school. I don’t know if I will ever fully recover, which is very bad since I am about to start my first year of college. Yes, I do know all of the real facts from various books and internet sources, but I still find myself terrified in many situations. Since they cannot provide a quality education on what is important in seemingly any school whether religious or nonreligious and it can actually be harmful, I say that the class should be abolished from school systems.

  • virgo96

    I totally agree! I wrote a research paper for my 11th grade English about comprehensive sex education. Just teaching about abstinence is ignorant, and helping and informing teens about sex.

  • LilleMeg

    I live in Norway, and our sex ed classes are really different! I learned everything on this list and way more in the 9th grade. Honestly, abstinence-only sex ed classes seem really bizarre to me. Our teachers don’t try to keep us from having sex as long as we practise safe sex and are prepared to take responsibility for our actions. Also, public schools (and most private schools) are neutral about religion. It’s great, because no one has to feel uncomfortable when we’re learning about religion, and no one has to do something that goes against their beliefs. I think it’s much better this way, and I wish it was like that in American schools!