35 Of Our Best Posts About Periods and Menstruation

Out of the many topics we write about here on Gurl.com, menstruation is one of the most popular ones. When it comes to getting your period, there are so many questions to be answered and problems to be solved. There are also a lot of complaints to be made. Periods are pretty cool when you really think about them, but let’s face it: in the end, they always pretty much suck. I’m not period-shaming, and I love being a girl and all that, but I am not a fan of that time of the month.

I know that you guys have tons of questions you want to ask about your period. And I also know that Gurl is a huge site offering a ton of information, and finding everything we’ve written about menstruation can be difficult. That’s why I put together this post featuring some of our best articles about periods. Whether you need advice on how to get rid of terrible PMS, you’re wondering what you can and can’t do when you have your period, or you just want to laugh to get you through some cramps – you’ll find it all in this post. Here are 35 of our best posts about periods and menstruation. Enjoy!


Everything You Need To Know When You Have Your Period

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How Do You Tell Your Hookup That You’re On Your Period?

Everything You Need To Know About Getting Your First Period

Quiz: Is Your Period Normal?

Fun Things To Do With A Hookup When You Have Your Period

5 Weird Period Myths That Are Totally Not True

What Do Dudes Really Think About Periods?

Can Guys Tell When Girls Have Their Period?

Is It Okay To Masturbate When You Have Your Period?

Can You Still Get Pregnant Even When You Have Your Period?


When Your Period Goes MIA

not pregnant

5 Reasons Why You Skipped Your Period

How To Skip Your Period 

Why Are You Spotting Between Periods?

8 Possible Reasons Your Period Is Late


How To Make Your PMS Better


7 Weird Cramp Remedies That Actually Work

How To Make Your Period Lighter and Less Heavy

8 Ways To Prevent PMS Symptoms Before They Happen

10 Tips On How To Get Rid Of Bloating

Is Your PMS Normal?

8 Foods and Drinks That Will Make Your PMS Worse

10 Foods and Drinks That Will Help Get Rid Of Period Pains

7 Products You Need That Will Make Your Period Better


Menstrual Product Info


7 Things You Need To Know About Menstrual Cups

How To Use A Tampon The Right Way


Period Things That Will Make You Literally LOL


10 Of Your Craziest, Most Awkward Period Stories

7 Of The Most Ridiculous Things About Feminine Hygiene Commercials

7 Real Reactions To Getting A First Period

10 Thoughts You’ll Have When Your Period Is Late

The 20 Most Embarrassing Things That Can Happen When You Have Your Period

15 Things You’ll Only Understand If You Have Really Bad PMS

10 Of The Best Things About Getting Your Period

A Period Nightmare Story Comic

12 Things We All Do When We Have Our Period That We Don’t Want To Admit


History of Periods


12 Weird Vintage Menstrual Product Ads That Will Make You Cringe

10 Menstrual Products and Techniques Throughout History

10 Weird Historical and Scientific Facts About Your Period

And here’s a video with everything you need to know about late periods:

Which of these posts did you find the most helpful? What questions do you have about your period? Tell me in the comments!


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