The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Finding A Summer Fling

We’re halfway through the summer already, which is pretty terrifying when you think about it. Where the hell did it go? Wasn’t it just yesterday when we were welcoming the start of warm weather after a brutal winter? Have you achieved half of your summer bucket list? Does your goal include snagging yourself a summer fling?

Well…have you done it yet? If so, congrats. If not, OMG your summer is officially ruined. Just kidding, but if you want some oh so helpful tips on finally snagging that summer fling, check out this edition of Lazy Girl’s Guide. Here are 10 ways to get your summertime boo in no time.

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  • Annie

    I can’t believe people still think its serious. ITS ALL SARCASM!

  • Sasha

    the camp one, the drowning, and the dog one are the worst. oh and the ice cream. ughhhhh

  • Sal

    I MET MY SUMMER FLING AT A CONCERT. Turns out he used to go to my school and we have a lot of mutual friends. I now notice him at friends parties, and well yeah, guess you can say he’s my “summer fling” now haha

  • erm

    Half of these are thirsty as hell