8 Reasons You Should NOT Be Friends With Your Ex

When it comes to people being friends with their exes, I’ve always been pretty vocal about my opinion: I don’t think it’s a good idea. In fact, I think it’s a really, really bad idea.

A breakup happens for a reason – mainly, two people aren’t meshing in some way, shape or form. That doesn’t mean all breakups are bad, or that all exes immediately vow to hate each other forever the moment they end their relationship. It just means that, for some reason, these two people shouldn’t be together (romantically) anymore. So why would they want to be together as friends, after a certain amount of time of seeing each as way more than that? It just doesn’t make sense to me.


I’m friendly with my exes – if I ever see them, we exchange small talk, we catch up, and we’re nice to each other. But I would never be friends with them. I would never call them to hang out, or invite them to celebrate my birthday with me. And whenever I see two exes stay close friends, I always feel like there is a deeper reason there, for at least one person. Unless you guys were super close friends before you started dating, or you only dated briefly and it wasn’t serious, I just don’t think staying friends with an ex is a good idea.

Zoe Saldana seems to be on my side on this particular issue. In her interview with Marie Claire, Zoe said, “I have been in relationships where a man has disrespected me, and I don’t need to be friends with that man anymore. I don’t want to be the one going, ‘I’m cool, because I’m friends with all my exes.’ There’s a reason why you’re called an ex. I crossed you off my list. Moving on.”

I couldn’t agree more. I’m all for a polite, mature relationship with an ex, but being all buddy-buddy with one? I think it’s too much. If you need convincing, here are 8 reasons you should never be friends with your ex.

Do you stay friends with your exes? Do you agree or disagree with me? Tell me in the comments.


Should you be friends with benefits with your ex?

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  • Kristin

    I had a long term boyfriend that started in high school. We dated for four years and I absolutely thought we were going to get married. He was the only guy I had really dated and the only one I’d slept with. I was with him from 16 to almost 21. I ended up moving away for college and he decided that was when to tell me he had been unhappy for a year and wanted to see other people. It was really hard and really lonely at first. But it’s been Almost two years now and we still talk. Not to say I don’t hook up with him when I visit my parents and I’m single. He tells he is having a hard time replacing me and no one else seems to compare. I told him I don’t appreciate the mixed feelings but were still pretty good friends. Iike that were still friends, I like keeping in contact. I like the “no strong attached ” easy lay. It hasnt gotten in the way for either of us yet, and I personally won’t let any new guy tell me I can’t still be friends with him. There’s nothing there now, we have a no kissing rule if we hook up, he talks to me about girls and I talk to him about guys (with disgression for eachothers emotions) but I love being friends with most of my exs. That’s the only reason I have netflix!