10 Myths About Suicide That You Need To Stop Believing

Suicide. It’s a scary word, isn’t it? It’s also misunderstood. No one wants to talk about it, but we can’t understand something that we don’t discuss. I was exposed to suicide when I was 13-years-old. My best friend tried to kill herself. Thankfully, she’s alive and well today.

But I didn’t know why or understand what happened or even that there were warning signs that I missed. I was her best friend, and I didn’t realize that my other half wanted to die. It took me a long time to understand that it wasn’t my fault.

Since then, there have been several other people close to me who have attempted suicide. They are all still alive today, which I could not be more grateful for. Recently, I learned an old friend of mine killed himself months ago. I didn’t know because no one wanted to talk about it, but it is so important to talk about. That’s why I want to debunk some myths today.

If you or someone you know is thinking about suicide, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255 or chat with someone on their website. You are not alone, and you can get help.

Did you believe any of these myths about suicide? What other myths do you know of? Tell us in the comments!

Let’s just stop believing these myths about mental health in general

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  • Ashley

    You do realize that not everyone here is religious don’t you? I don’t believe in any of it so making them feel guilty by throwing god around is not only not going to help but probably turn them away from religion. Not the way to go about that at all.

  • Susanah

    My therapist wondered if I could have bipolar type 2 (the milder type), but my upswings were relatively few and far in-between. I have known for about six-seven years now that I have some sort of depression, but it proved really hard to diagnose, and so I am undiagnosed, without much emotions whatsoever and on antidepressants. I wondered about suicide at the age of thirteen, and then again at the age of nineteen, in the worst phase of my meeting with anorexia. Even though I didn’t speak about my suicidal thoughts with anyone when I had them, an attempt to open a window was made one of my friends think I would try to jump (we were on the third floor), even though the window would not open enough to allow it anyway.

    My point with telling a bit about my story is: talk about it! If you have problems like this, talk with someone you trust. If you worry about someone, talk with them! It was really hard, but I told my class (we were seven in total, all girls and pretty tightly knit). I also sat and cried by the teacher’s desk (in a separate room), sometimes hiding there. I had one friend in particular who picked me up of the floor so many times, sat down with me to eat, hugged me close, whatever I needed. She would even come to me, travelling by bus for two hours, if I called and needed her. She especially, but also my other friends and my three teachers, helped me a lot. I live several hours’ travel by train or car away from my family, so I managed to keep most of it from them.

    Talk to someone!!

  • Alexandra

    The one that really got to me was the selfish part on slide four. Just a few months ago I was diagnosed with mild type 2 bipolar depression. Luckily I’m doing better now with proper treatment. But about a month before I realized my problem the depression had hit bad and I felt so alone and was so absorbed in my own pain that I didn’t realize my mom was suffering from a problem at work (my mom only have each other really so we are really close so I should have seen it and normally would have). I didn’t realize how much pain she was in until I found her sobbing in her room. After that I was so angry with myself that I couldn’t be there for the one person in the world who mattered to me. I felt so selfish that I only cared about myself and not her that it only made the depression get worse. I’m not entirely sure why I am sharing this except for the possibility that someone else will real this and understand that they are not crazy or worthless like I thought I was

    • Suicide is selfish

      You are awesome I’m so glad you realized suicide is selfish! It’s the most selfish thing in the world. If god wanted you dead then you would be you wouldn’t have to kill yourself. God put you on the earth for a purpose maybe your supposed to help someone else and give them hope. How can you help them if you’re dead? Who would you leave behind ? Parents siblings relatives you may not feel close to them but they probably feel close to you. Your killing yourself for your own benefit. For you to not feel pain. But what about the people that need you. What about the people god wanted you to tell him about. In a way your not just killing yourself your killing parts of the people that you left behind and that person who was supposed to tell you about Jesus and how much he loves you and all the pain he went through so you could be in heaven with you. After everything you’ve done he still will call you his brother or sister with no shame. And if you were supposed to tell someone else about Christ then no one may tell them and they could end up in jail or worse. The fire pits of hell. Don’t be selfish.

    • Suicide is selfish

      I’m so glad you realized suicide is selfish. It’s the most selfish thing you could do. If God wanted you dead you would be dead you wouldn’t have to kill yourself. God wants you to live to tell other people about him if you die then you can’t do that then that person may never meet Jesus. You think suicide is not selfish ?! Killing yourself so that you won’t have any pain. Now I know life isn’t a box of chocolates but we all get the bad you just have to figure out how to handle it suicide should not even be considered an option when you are trying to come up with solutions your leaving behind people your killing parts of them. You may not feel close to your parents or siblings or relatives but they probably feel close to you. If you kill yourself no one can tell you about Christ they can’t tell you how he went through hours of pain just so you could be I’m heaven with him Even after all you’ve done he calls you sister or brother with no shame. He loves you unconditionally. But you want to kill yourself before he can come and enter your life ? Before you could help someone get to know there true father in heaven. What if no one else tells then about Christ Then what. Maybe because you were so selfish you killed yourself that that person is in the pits of hell for eternity because you were too selfish. You don’t know what God has in store for you. I dont even know what he has in store for me but u tell you what. I would walk through fire to be able to kiss his feet. To touch the brother that died for me in a brutal way. Nails through his wrists through his ankles. He couldn’t breath so he had to rip his flesh with nails to reach his body out so his lungs wouldn’t collapse god couldn’t even watch his son. He left him he was all alone. That was the only and will be the only time he leaves his own son and he will never leave his beloved daughter. Maybe you think noone loves you. God does. No one cares for you ? God does. Whether you want him there or not he’s there. Either you can walk with him. Or you can sit on the throne of your life and have no help and truly feel alone. But Gods there. I know I rambled sorry if you can’t understand what I’m trying to say but no Alexandria this was not only to you I just wanted to let you know I’m so freaking proud of you. God loves you and his mercy endures forever.

      • Julie

        Oh, fuck off. This is not the place to be preaching.

      • Saeryen

        Oh, please stop it. Some people commit suicide because they think their loved ones would be better off without them, or that they aren’t worth anything. That is not selfish. It’s horrible enough that this stuff happens. Telling people that they are selfish for thinking about suicide will not only make them feel guilty, the guilt will make their condition worse, and thus they are likelier to attempt suicide.