10 Things You’re Doing That Are Ruining Your Eyes

In horror story news, a Taiwanese student has gone blind after leaving her contact lenses in for six months. How did she go blind? Oh, she developed acanthamoeba keratitis, an amoeba that ATE HER EYEBALLS. I actually cannot.

23-year-old Lian Kao left her disposable contacts in for six months straight without ever taking them out or cleaning them. She said she showered and swam in her contacts, which is likely how she developed this bacteria because they thrive in water. Although Lian Kao’s extreme contact usage led to this bacteria, it can develop in much less time according to eye doctors.

I wear contacts, and this freaked me out so much. It might seem like common sense to take your contacts out, but I’ve accidentally slept in mine a few times. You only have one set of eyes. It’s really important to take care of them and avoid making these mistakes:

Do you wear contact lenses? Have you ever left them in for too long? Tell us in the comments!

If you wear glasses, you’ll relate to this

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  • Morgan

    I’ve actually been qualified by my doctor as legally blind twice. So I have to wear high powered contacts. I’ve done stupid things with my contacts and I’m afraid I’ve screwed up my right eye. For some reason lately I have not been able to see out of it with my current prescription or a higher one! Please follow some of these!

  • Jason

    I am an eyecare professional and have been following this story for some time. It is an awful event that has resulted in mass awareness that contact lenses are not something to be taken lightly. I have had a few patients asking me about this and although risk of complications are low, there is still a risk so following your optometrist/eye doctors instructions is vitally important.

    I really like this article as the advice you given is great – and written in a way that many people will take on board. Great article!

  • maggie

    Another thing is not putting your contacts in! A lot of times during school I’d have this awful habit of forgetting my contacts, then I would have to squint to see the board. It ruins your eyesight and is frankly pretty unattractive… I’ve managed to knock the habit!