10 Stupid And Sexist Gendered Products That Will Make You Cringe

There are a lot of differences between men and women. That’s just basic biology, you know? Marketing and advertising loves to use gender as a way to get us to buy stuff. It works, but it’s also dumb. Did you know that men’s razors are cheaper than women’s razors? They’re literally the same thing, but women’s razors are usually pink or purple or light blue instead of a MANLY black or royal blue. Razors are more subtle examples of gendered products, but there are some very unnecessary ones.

There’s yogurt for men, earplugs for women and even pens for women. Pens! Because heaven forbid a woman uses a pen made for a man. We might break a nail! We’ve shared some with you before and more have come our way. I’m happy to share with you some more ridiculous and stupid gendered products:

What do you think of these products? Do you think they’re ridiculous? Tell us in the comments!

We wish these gender roles didn’t exist either

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  • Marie

    Great more food and products being made that we REALLY don’t need… what a waste of resources! >:(

  • Lissy

    I am all down for those parking spots, because my car is big SUV. But also, it would be good for moms with prams/strollers, so they can safely get a child in/out of a car with reduced chances of being hit by another car.

  • Cortney

    To be honest, i’m all down for gender equality but it’s just some things I think should be separate, because in the end men and women are to different genders. Yes we should all be treated like humans but for example the nuts one slide 7, my father eats them and occasional I do to. There is nothing wrong for nuts for men and there’s nothing stopping females from eating them. However as the older he gets I can understand why he might wanna think about his health or just have something made ”for him”. Also I think that this is taken out of portion, honestly just eff whatever the package says and eat the men bread or ice coffee etc. Who cares what other people think, the company’s etc.

  • Rebecca

    Ummm read the comment I left on Ashley’s post. It goes for you too. Just stop, please omg.

    • Caitlin Corsetti

      Nope, but thanks for reading!

      • Rebecca

        You’re welcome! I think you already read my comment, so thanks for reading!

  • Scarlet

    The thing about the parking spots for women, is that they are meant to be safer. In underground parkings women are often the target of robbery and often sexual assault. By making these parking spots closer to the elevators/exits/entrances they mean to make it easier for a woman to run away or get help if she gets attacked. I know I know, I understand your point, and also men are targets of robbery and sexual assault too, but you have to admit it’s not that often as women get it.

    • Caitlin Corsetti

      I’m totally for being closer to elevators and such, and I hate being in parking garages for that exact reason. That doesn’t bother me at all! But they made the parking spots larger and pink so women can park more easily under the assumption that all women are bad at parking.

      • Rebecca


        Did they say that they made those parking spaces because girls were bad at parking? Didn’t think so. Stop making assumptions and getting offended for things that really don’t matter.

  • Jazz

    I have women in charge headphones, they have a cute design but they did not work properly so I dont think they are a good buy. Just saying, anyway I like that pink car, and I guess I will park it in the pink parking space. Lol , but seroiusly I like that pink car. A LOT. Then again I pretty much like anything pink. Okay I am like litterly rambling in my mind…..okay bye this has been dragged out to long…

  • Sneha

    “They also use “namaste” incorrectly, which irritates me as I deeply value my yoga practice” I feel like a better reason to be irritated is the fact that they’re taking a word from an actual language and butchering its meaning??? Like I’m not going to get into the exoticization of yoga and other parts of Indian culture, but… idk I was just a little ticked off when you mentioned their use of the word namaste, but in such a superficial manner, you know? idk as an Indian girl, the constant occurrence of these types of things can kind of wear you down.

    • Caitlin Corsetti

      I definitely didn’t mean it in a superficial way at all. I very much respect and value yoga and Indian culture, which is why throwing out “namaste” the way they did is really upsetting. Yoga isn’t just a fun thing for me to do. It’s something I’ve been doing for a long time and is a huge part of my life. Not sure why you’re upset with me for being upset with them for their disrespect?

      • Rebecca

        I think you just have bad luck and rub everyone the wrong way.

  • Olivia

    I cannot believe this. Honestly people, this is 2014. How long is it going to take to achieve gender equality? The whole ‘girls rule boys drool’ and ‘men are superior to women’ thing should be OVER. Why must you make products designed for only one gender, when both can use them perfectly fine? This is sad.

    • shawn

      But see girls say it is so sexist that guys do a certain thing but its okay for girls to do so which makes it sexist to men making girls hypocrites in some cases

      • Olivia

        Sorry, could you word that a little differently? I think I understand what you’re getting at, but not quite.

  • The traveler

    Is it bad that I would love to have a perfect parking spot every time for any reason, even my gender?