7 More Rage-Inducing Quotes About Rape From Famous People

There’s pretty much nothing that makes me more angry that someone making light of rape or just rape culture in general. I was around some guys this weekend who thought roofie jokes were funny. I never found roofie jokes to be funny, but especially after I was roofied, which is another story for another day. Outnumbered and uncomfortable, I explained that roofie jokes aren’t cool but shrugged it off. I felt pretty crappy for not really telling them how not okay those kinds of jokes are ever.

Roofie jokes, rape jokes and stupid comments about rape are never going to be okay. I don’t know why people can’t grasp that. Nothing is like rape except rape. There is literally nothing that can be compared to rape, and I wish people would get that through their heads. I shared some dumb rape comments by famous people before, but guess what? There’s a whole other batch for you to rage over:

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On the other hand, some celebs have spoken up about being sexually assaulted

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  • Kay


    You should really watch this video. Jack Gleeson intelligently explains how being a celebrity is damaging to the self. Many times he mentions the word, “commoditization” in the context of how celebrities are boiled down to what sells in the public, what is consumable. I think that is a similar concept to physical, sexual rape. In sexual rape, a person’s body is used against their will as an object, a receptacle to receive their pleasure. In the celebrity’s case, their whole life and habits and career are directed by the will and view of the public because that is what sells and keeps them with a job.

    I respect Gurl.com and I absolutely love what it stands for – an open place for girls to have discussions about things treated as taboo in society: sex, feminism, etc. However, I believe that there needs to be a fairer, more open minded approach. Yes, rape is awful in whatever form it comes in. Yes, absolutely, some of these comments were not the best moments of these celebrities. Tosh’s was downright awful. But for many of them, they are only moments. And you are making the assumption that you know these people and their motives and their feelings, which you don’t. I don’t. Nobody does. Why does one offhand comment from a person in a completely different situation give you the right to say, “Argh, I thought they were better people.”

    I’ve noticed this a lot on Gurl, this tendency to look for the controversy and look for the fault in society everywhere. And I believe that that’s a necessary feature of a healthy community. But I think that, often, the controversy that you’re looking for isn’t actually there. Please take a step back and consider more thoroughly before you criticize.

  • Brie

    The first two weren’t even offensive. If you’ve never been stalked by people every day of your life, you can’t say that their pain isn’t as real as the pain of rape victims. They feel violated every single day, celebrities can’t leave their houses, go grocery shopping, or get a coffee without a group of people following them around and taking pictures of them. People are constantly judging them and attempting to publicly embarrass them. This is actually very similar to the motive of rapists as its been proven time and time again rape has NOTHING to do with sexual attraction and is all about having power over the other person. Judging someone for attempting to convey how they feel in a way that others may understand is just wrong. To be raped is to be violated, these people have also been violated, and not just once, but on a daily basis. They have never been raped, however, you have probably never been stalked in the way they are. Next the Bieber quote, I think this might be one of the first times he didn’t piss me off. He was saying that he doesn’t have an opinion on the subject, and frankly, he doesn’t need to because he has never been in that situation and never will be. I don’t understand why you are offended by somebody admitting their ignorance, but then again this site as been trying to twist everything they can into something offensive lately. Also, I agree with “please” the word rape has more than one definition.

  • ZoZo

    Just like they’ve never been raped, you’ve never been a celebrity. I’m sure we all imagine them to have easy lives, and that makes it easy to criticize them, but what she is saying (I assume) is that she is having her privacy, her life, and her secrets ferreted out and revealed to thousands of people. No, it’s not rape, but it does have that same aspect of having yourself exposed against your will. I’m sure they know what they signed up for, but wouldn’t it suck to have hundreds or thousands of people watching your every step and criticizing every mistake you made? I’m sure I would crack.
    I would argue that a lot of these are oversimplifications of context, but I think my point has been made.

  • Please

    Many of the celebs used the word “rape” in the verb sense which means to spoil or destroy, to take away from, to violate. Rape has multiple meanings other then forcing another person to have sexual intercourse with the offender against their will, like the song by Nirvana – Rape Me.

  • Vitaloni

    You’re seriously overreacting on almost all of these. Rape IS a serious terrible thing, but come on, Justin beiber? I’m not a fan, but when you’re asked something like that, what was he supposed to say? It’s not like he said “oh yeah rape is great!” Give people a break! As far as daniel tosh goes, he’s a serious d-bag, I’ve always disliked him, and he’s stuck in that immature 13 year old boy stage. Never grew out of it, I guess. Couldn’t agree more on that one.

  • jill

    The Bieber one is all off. Fact check first.