10 Of The Most Effed Up Episodes Of Courage The Cowardly Dog

Courage The Cowardly Dog is one of those shows that was really great but also really terrifying. In fact, I’m not sure how I managed to watch it as a kid. I wasn’t a scaredy cat, but that show was full of some seriously weird nightmare fuel. Honestly, it’s worth wondering how this show ended up with a Y7 rating, because some of these episode were so chilling that even as an adult I find them tough to watch.

How many kids shows can you say that about? Hint: None, if any.

If you were a fan of Courage back in the day, then you’ll appreciate this roundup of the show’s top 10 freakiest, most effed up episodes ever.

Courage In The Big, Stinkin' City

You know what's scarier than a little girl playing the violin by herself in a haunted building? A little girl playing the violin by herself in a haunted building who suddenly turns around only to reveal herself as a demon claymation monster. Yeah.

Freaky Fred

You know, if this weirdo's obsession was just with shaving people and animals, that wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. But why is it that the sound of little children laughing plays in his head while he does it? Nope. Nope.

The Gods Must Be Goosey

This episode wasn't exactly scary, but it was definitely strange. This goose had some serious thirst for Muriel and wasn't afraid to show it. Goose thirst. Shudder.

Night At The Katz Motel

I thought that the only people who had man-eating spiders for fun was Hagrid from Harry Potter. Wrong. These spiders were comparable in nightmare fuel, honestly.


What. Is. That. Thing. Though?


This pilot episode has become a permanent fixture in my childhood memories. There were few things more disgusting than alien chicken eggs in a frying pan. Alien eggs that were later eaten...and led to Eustace being turned into an evil chicken. Yuck.

King Ramses' Curse

"Return the slab." If this episode didn't freak you out even a little bit then you are some sort of weird, fearless superhuman. I'm not sure if I should be impressed or afraid of you.

The Great Fusilli

Honestly, this episode mostly got freaky at the very end, when Eustace and Muriel are turned into puppets and Courage decides to live out the rest of his life animating their actions, including Eustace's torment. Yikes.

The House Of Discontent

Floating, realistic black and white heads are always going to be scary, okay? Okay? It's just a rule.

The Mask

So this episode is effed up but also incredibly powerful. A masked cat by the name of Kitty is sad because her friend Bunny is in a bad relationship with a dog. We later find out that this dog isn't just a bad boyfriend, but he is straight up abusive and even pimps Bunny out. Luckily, Kitty and Bunny reunite at the end and become BFFs forever, but this was a seriously dark episode.

What other episodes of Courage have scarred you for life? Which eps are your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Cate

    I love courage the cowardly dog! I actually named my dog “Courage”. The creepiest one is definitely Freaky Fred.

  • Chloe

    How is the were mole not on this list? That scared me the most when I was little!

  • #theory

    For the episode “the great fussilli” it’s the last episode of season 1, in that episode Muriel and ustes r dead and puppets right? So he keeps controlling them to believe their real, the more u think about it the more crazy it seems, so all the episodes after that is what courage is imagining, so they were just dead the whole time

  • Lana

    Omg I used to lovee courage the cowardly dog… But most of the time I would get freaked out and have nightmares, the most one that freaked me out as a kid was the blue thing hahaha

  • Lana

    Omg I used to lovee courage the cowardly dog… But most of the time I would get freaked out and have nightmares, the most one that freaked me out as a kid was the blue thing

  • PannyKat

    This show was amazing

  • Jillian

    The Katz episode, though………. Scarred for life. And I’m fairly sure I had nightmares about “Return the slab.”

    Man, I need to re-watch this show.

    • Jillian

      Seriously, though. The Katz theme song never fails to strike fear into my heart.

  • Jason

    I love courage I was only scared when they had needles on the screen I am terrified of needles but I managed to sit through it when they did because it just appealed to me when I was younger I didn’t realize it but now I look back and think I must have always had a dark twisted sense of humor or that show gave me one

  • james oliver

    worst i ever saw when coward the drop a glass bottle then it break along that old woman scatter everywhere D: i feellike nooooooooooooo what the heck going on

  • Dayna

    The weirdest, and most memorable of the episodes I have watched has to be Cabaret Courage. I mean, mostly I remember Courage talking to some Stomach ulcer that used to be a human? (Well, okay then!) And also, an underground Cabaret filled with and surrounded by human organs…suppose I did learn a little biology through the whole episode.

    I also seem to catch myself saying; “Flan…” sometimes. Hint, hint? <3

  • Thomas

    Well it never scare me out in my childhood but now it is -,-

  • Lily

    The “return the slab” episode was, in my opinion, the creepiest one out of all of them

  • Sebastián

    You forgot the one with the alien duck, red eyes and stuff. I believe it’s the same of when some men in black appear and ufos and bla blá. I had nightmares with that for weeks. If I’m not wrong it’s the pilot. I passed the eggs, but the duck! 😐

  • waad

    Best show ever