8 Reasons You’ll Lose Friends When You Get A New Boyfriend

A recent study has delivered some news that may bum you out: according to researchers, when women enter a new relationship, they’ll lose two friends on average. So basically, you gain a boyfriend… but you lose friends in the process.

Unfortunately, I can’t say I find this study very surprising. Ever since high school started, I have watched many friends come and go – and the biggest reason I’ve grown apart from girls I was once close with is because of relationships. Whether it’s my new relationship or theirs, one thing is for sure: a boyfriend guarantees that I’ll be missing a bestie in the near future.

When we’re single, we all swear up and down that we’ll never be like those girls who ditch their friends for their BF. Then we meet someone we really like, and we find that it’s incredibly hard to find the time for a boyfriend, friends, and everything else we have to do. Drifting apart from friends is inevitable… but why? Here are 8 reasons you’ll lose friends when you get a new boyfriend (although, don’t stress too much – the study says we gain a new friend thanks to our new BF!) – and a few tips on how to make things work.

Have you ever lost friends because you got a new BF? Have you ever lost friends because they got a new BF? How did you deal? Tell me in the comments!


What it’s really like when your friend ditches you for her boyfriend

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  • Ahase Cdams

    These are all crappy reasons. If your friend ditches you when she gets a boyfriend it’s because she is a horrible person who just latches on to the person she thinks will do the most for her without having to give anything back in return.

    She is selfish and stupid. Ditch that piece of crap and find a real friend. Anyway, if she can throw a long term friendship away in the blink of an eye because she met some douche … her marriage sure isn’t going to last.

  • raspberry_fizz

    A close friend of mine(call her Jane) once lost her then BFF because her friend had feelings for Jane’s boyfriend! Instead of realising he (call him Joe) was off limits, the friend went right ahead and started flirting with him heavily and eventually told him that she was into him. It was insane, Jane and Joe got into a huge fight and broke up because Joe told Jane that he may reciprocate those feelings. Jane and her friend also got into a major argument and still don’t speak to each other.
    So basically, your friend may not harbour bad feelings for your boyfriend; perhaps the complete opposite!